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Case Filed for Man Beaten in Houston Sports Bar

Arnold & Itkin is proud to represent a young man who was physically assaulted at a sports bar in Midtown Houston, Texas. The young man was asked to leave by the bar’s employees and the young man complied. Then, for no reason, the young man was struck in the face and knocked out by the bar’s employees while the bar’s management stood by and watched. The man sustained a concussion, a broken jaw (for which he has already had surgery), and other injuries.

We owe it to each other to keep each other safe. This obligation extends to individuals on the street as well as to business owners. The people who owned and managed the sports bar where our client was assaulted owed him the guarantee of safety. What makes this incident worse than a normal premises liability case is that it wasn't even an accident. The bar, through its employees and the inaction of its managers, willfully harmed our client. They deserve to be held accountable to him for the harm they cause.

Arnold & Itkin is filing suit in Harris County, Texas and is eager to get the man justice for the injuries he sustained.