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Case Filed for Woman Injured by Collapsed Hospital Ceiling

Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Caj Boatright, Alison Baimbridge, and Roland Christensen filed suit today for a Texas woman who was severely injured at the hospital. Arnold & Itkin’s client was spending time with her daughter when suddenly the ceiling fell from above her and struck her in the neck. Neck injuries often lead to chronic pain and limited mobility. People who suffer serious injuries to the head often have trouble getting back to work, which makes affording treatment even more difficult. Cases like this show how vital it is to hold property managers accountable under premises liability law.

Our client suffered severe injuries to her head and neck that have already required surgical intervention. She will likely require further invasive and extensive medical treatment, which means making sure she is able to afford care will be vital for her future security. Arnold & Itkin LLP looks forward to making sure our client gets everything she needs for medical treatment and future care.

The suit was filed in Tarrant County, Texas.