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Start Up Suggests Cell Phone Usage Is Worse than Government Estimates

Last week, we discussed safety concerns regarding distracted drivers and their cellphones. Despite being a problem, the NHTSA has claimed that the issue is improving. However, safety start-ups are questioning the data that federal officials have gathered about cell phone use among drivers. One company called Zendrive uses monitoring technology installed on phones to track usage while driving.

What Zendrive Discovered

In an annual report, the company analyzed data from 100-billion miles of driving and found that America’s distracted driving problem is much worse than the NHTSA has found. The group discovered that distractions from phones did not decrease and, if anything, have increased by 10 percent. The company estimates that about 69 million drivers are using their phones each day. This eclipses the NHTSA’s estimate of 660,000 drivers.

Zendrive’s data also agrees with the theory that people are spending even more time looking at screens instead of the road. The company determined that drivers use their phones for an average of 1.86 minutes every hour. Distressingly, this average includes those who do not check their phones. If only the average of those who use their phone is used, the amount of time was 3.66 minutes every hour. While traveling at 55 mph, 3.66 minutes of screen time is like driving across 42 football fields while blindfolded!

Drivers Must Keep Their Eyes on the Road & Off Their Screens

No matter what the data says, all drivers should be resisting the temptation to use their phone. When a driver causes an accident because they were using an electronic device, then they should be held accountable for their actions.

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