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Case Filed for Family of Man Killed by Wind Machine

Arnold & Itkin recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of the family of a worker who was killed by a defective wind machine. The man was working on a farm when one of the machine’s turbines fell on his head. This preventable and tragic incident took the life of a husband, father, son, and brother. 

Companies have the responsibility to design safe products, especially when they are supposed to withstand the forces exerted by the wind and other elements. If a company can’t design a safe wind turbine, it should be held accountable for producing and selling one that is unsafe.  

Arnold & Itkin’s product liability lawyers are always ready to make sure companies answer for failing to prioritize safety. No one should lose a loved one because of a manufacturer’s failure to safely design their product. Now, we’ll fight for the justice that this grieving family needs and deserves. Our team filed this case in Fresno County, Texas.