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Everyday Tools Cause the Most Accidents in Industrial Workplaces

When people hear the term "industrial accident," they typically think of catastrophic fires, explosions, and machine failure. However, industrial accidents do not have to make headline news to be severe. Each day, the tools that workers use the most are involved with some of the most deadly accidents in American workplaces.

Common Workplace Accidents

OSHA reports on accidents every year. On each report, the mishaps that consistently top the charts are typically caused by the simplest of tools.

The top workplace accidents include:

As mentioned above, these accidents are dangerous because of the simple sources that can trigger them. One of the most common sources of accidents are the tools that workers use each day on the job.

Why Simple Tools Cause Common Accidents

Simple, everyday tools are one of the leading causes of industrial accidents.

Here are a couple of reasons why everyday tools cause so many injuries:

  • They are regularly used, increasing the likelihood of injury.
  • After years of handling these tools, workers think less about their safety risks.
  • Companies provide inadequate or no training.
  • Tools are not properly maintained by companies.

While some companies might blame workers for their injuries, it's important to remember that they should be providing adequate training to them. Repeated training creates a culture of workplace safety that avoids allowing workers to become dangerously comfortable with their tools. Additionally, employers must make sure the tools their workers are properly maintained and replaced as needed. When they fail to do so, tools become more dangerous than they are useful.

Ladders Are Simple & Dangerous Tools

Ladders are perfect examples of everyday tools that workers do not take seriously.

There are various reasons why ladders are one of the most dangerous tools in the workplace:

  • Supervisors ask workers to perform repairs on ladders rather than taking the time to set up an industry-standard pulley system.

  • Ladders are positioned near walkways or other passages where workers travel, which is an OSHA violation due to the proclivity of nearby workers to walk underneath the ladder.

  • Ladders are decades old because replacing something as insignificant as a ladder is seen as a waste of money.

  • Workers are told to carry items up and down ladders, which is a dangerous shortcut to hauling work materials with tied-off ropes.

  • Workplaces have ladders that don't follow OSHA requirements.

Survivors of Workplace Accidents Deserve Justice

Many workers believe they do not have the right to pursue a personal injury claim because a simple tool caused their accident. In some instances, many workers blame themselves for an accident. However, employees should realize that they might be able to file a claim and recover losses from medical bills and decreased time at work. At Arnold & Itkin, our work accident lawyers know what it takes to obtain results for clients. We have a history of holding companies accountable for unsafe work environments and have recovered billions of dollars for workers in the process.

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