Client Testimonials

Christopher Devall

Chris was working when an explosion occurred at his workplace. Find out how our legal team at Arnold & Itkin helped him.

I was working for “the company” and I blew up. I got to work that day lining out my guys. It was 8:30 in the morning before break and just explosion, there was no warning, no nothing. Just boom.

What led me to hire Arnold & Itkin was that they don't back down. They stand up for what’s right. I had my bicycle stolen when I was like, 8-years-old, and I remember my mom going and getting it back. I felt like that again. “Yeah, mom, you got my bicycle back.” Nobody would do that for you. Then I grow up and all this happens to me. Kurt gets up there, and Jason’s talking for me, and you’re like, “Yeah, what he said!”

AI made things happen, medically, you know? They fought for me in the courtroom. They didn’t quit. It was never about monetary gain or loss or anything like that. It was more, “How are you doing mentally? How you doing physically? This is where we need to go with it.” They did more than anyone else would have done. They did more than anybody else would have to do. This firm has impacted every aspect of my life, past, present, future. They pulled off some miracles. They stood up for me when nobody else would. I appreciate what they did.

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