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What Was It Like Before Hiring Arnold & Itkin?

I was given the run around. I was cleared by a medical doctor without ever actually seeing a medical doctor. They wanted to give me another doctor to go to that was their referred physician as well. I never got any help. Three or four days later, I was still sick, still hurting, still coughing up blood…and I was told I was fine to go back to work.

How Did Arnold & Itkin Help with Your Injuries?

Arnold & Itkin did get me medical care. It was on a Wednesday when I spoke to Arnold & Itkin for the first time. Thursday I signed the contract, and Friday morning they had me following up with doctors here in Houston.

What Makes Arnold & Itkin Unique?

I’d say their honesty. They didn’t beat me around the bush about anything, everything was upfront. Here it is, this is how it’s gonna work, there’s no worrying about this or worrying about that. They were very comforting through everything that they did.

Would You Recommend Arnold & Itkin?

In a heartbeat, yes sir I would. I’d recommend Arnold & Itkin to anyone in any type of accident where they can help you. They will be your best lawyer.

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