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We were about to go on break when I heard a big, loud boom. Turned off my equipment and saw a bunch gas that looked like fog. The guys on the ground, headed for the exit. By the time I jumped off my machine, it lit up and exploded. Changed my life forever.

You know the pain, nightmares, and everything I was going through—I hired Arnold & Itkin and they helped me out a lot, supported me a lot. Helped me reach my goals of trying to get better. With their help, I was able to overcome the past four years that had me down. I thank them a lot for it.

At Arnold & Itkin, the whole company is selfless—amazing. It meant a lot to me because I don’t think I could have made it through without them. I was very happy with the outcome of the case, very happy. See? I can’t stop grinning.