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It was pretty scary, man. It could've ended just like that.

I've been rig building for, I don't know, 10 years. Worked all over the world on different shipyards. You know, when we went on this job in Mexico, got on there, we were doing a crown job. Coming down from the end of the day, 6 o'clock, we were coming down and, for whatever reason, the operator kept feeding the line.

It just finally went sideways and finally slid off.

It jerked and the jerk impact is pretty much what happened. It knocked me out, hit my head, jacked up my eye right here and completely knocked me out. I came to, I was on the ground. They asked what hurt. Immediately, I said, my leg, my back, everything. You could already tell, I had blood everywhere. This is a pretty scary sight.

We had 8, 7 surgeries—2 knee replacements trying to fix it. It just wouldn't happen. Then the doctor came in one day and said, hey man. They had to amputate my leg. So that puts an end to my career that I love so much.

I didn't feel, as far from the company, they could have done better. I think they could have just taken care of me, make sure I can pay my bills, take care of the medical bills. They said that, now, that's why we got insurance.

After I was told that, I called Arnold & Itkin. I was pleased with how quick Arnold & Itkin said, hey man, let's get you in and get you seen, make sure things didn't get any worse than they were. Assisted me a little bit to make sure I made the appointments. They made sure I had the right counseling, if I needed to.

They pay attention to you. If you have any questions, they answer them, so you can understand it. They made you feel like you mattered. The attorneys were straight up, straightforward, and never promising nothing. Always kept you aware of the risk involved and any other firm, I believe, would have folded early on in the game. I just truly believe that with the situations that Arnold & Itkin had to go through. They weren't intimidated by the company that I worked for, which is, it's a worldwide company. They weren't intimidated by them, not one bit whatsoever. I highly recommend them and the outcome I'm extremely happy with. My legs not back but I think I'll be all right.

I guarantee it, if you look at Arnold & Itkin's history, you'll be impressed and if you don't choose to use them, you know, good luck.

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