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What Was It Like Before Hiring Arnold & Itkin?

Prior to coming to Arnold & Itkin, we had occupied a lawyer that wasn’t even paying attention—wasn’t even listening to us when we were saying we were hurting, wouldn’t answer our phone calls, or even let us see him, he was always in a meeting.

What Sets Arnold & Itkin Apart from Other Attorneys?

What sets Arnold & Itkin apart from other lawyers is the way they treat you.

It is just the respect they show you—the care. We came in, they immediately took our case, and they talked to us like we were people. We had tons of questions and they answered every single one. We’ve emailed them, we’ve badgered them with phone calls, and it didn’t upset them. They kept answering us and they kept telling us what was going on with the case. They never denied a phone call. They never denied a meeting with us—even if we came in and we weren’t scheduled to meet with them. They took the time to be with us where other people didn’t.

How Did Arnold & Itkin Handle Your Case?

I believe they have the strongest point when it comes to saying “We are the ones who are listening to the people, and we’re speaking for the people.” When they look at people that are injured, they don’t say “Okay, we’re going to see how much we can get because we want to win as much as we can get.” They’re asking the people, “How much are you hurting? What is going on?” They’re looking at prospects in the future of more pain and suffering—and how much they can help them in that area.

How Did Arnold & Itkin Help with Your Injuries?

Arnold & Itkin helped me with injuries—helped both of us with the injuries—because they recommended doctors that looked at us, that listened to us where we were hurting. Not just saying “Oh, you’re hurting here, so let’s go ahead and give you a bunch of injections.” They actually paid attention when we said “This is where we are hurting, this is what the pain feels like” and they didn’t just look for another paycheck.

How Do You Feel About Your Future After Your Case?

Since we settled the case with Arnold & Itkin, I feel like my future’s looking brighter. We’ve been able to know we got the best that we could get.

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