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Regular morning, working at the chemical plant, right before our first load 9 o'clock break. Explosion breaks out of nowhere. Like somebody dropped a bomb. It just: boom. A couple of people died, a lot of people got burned, a lot of injuries. One of the most terrifying days in my life. The plant was sold. You know, they were so devious about how they was trying to go about it. Almost like they were trying to do like a cover-up on things that transpired.

Arnold & Itkin fought very, very hard for us from day one. They seemed like they had their stuff together. Their credentials showed a lot of wins, and they seem very confident and that's what I was looking for: confidence.

In this type of situation, I was never in anything like this before. I've never been in a lawsuit day in my life. They treat you like family and they made me very comfortable signing up with them. I made a good choice. They assured me that this was something that could be won: this case could be won. They just made me feel good about it. They always had an answer for my questions. It was never like “Oh, I don't know,” and give me the runaround.

They're very professional. They didn't back down. That's why I like my lawyers. Even when I had to do my testimony in court, they didn't let those lawyers run over me. They fought hard. You have some lions with Arnold & Itkin. They not going to back down.

I kept that card in my wallet. I have their number pretty much on speed dial so any of my family or friends, I make sure to pass that information along because these are the right people you need in your corner in times of despair like this.

It's been a rough road, but they made sure I've seen light at the end of that tunnel.

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