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What Was Your Experience with Arnold & Itkin?

I got in a work accident on an oil rig and I was told that Kurt Arnold and them were good lawyers. Best lawyers they had. So I got to know Kurt Arnold personally—got to know him good. He helped me with a lot of stuff, got me through a lot, and I got him to do my settlement case. He was good to me. Did good work for me. Advised me the right way. Took care of me good. I mean, basically, he was a good lawyer. The best I ever dealt with.

Did Arnold & Itkin Help Get Your Medical Bills Paid?

I couldn’t get workers’ comp to pay my check. Then I got A&I and I got all my discharge, disability, coming in. My medical bills started getting paid—thanks to A&I.

Did You Have Confidence in Arnold & Itkin?

My thoughts are that I have the best. I knew I was going to win because I had them on my side. Because I had the best lawyers, that was it. That’s what I felt in my heart. They were the best, and I hired the best—and they provided for the best. They looked out for me, number one.

How Do You Feel About the Future After Your Case?

It looks good that I have A&I on my side—helping with my future. Getting my settlement going the right way. Making sure that I am taken care of for the future. Guiding me the right way with my money and stuff, handling it right. Yes, sir, it’s for the best.