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How Were You Treated by the Company After the Accident?

He had been working for them—he had celebrated his 14th anniversary the day before he died. He was the barge engineer. They treated us like he was the janitor that had just started the day before. They wouldn’t even pay for the funeral costs. I had to pay for the shipping fees for his body.

What Was It Like Before Hiring Arnold & Itkin?

I had actually hired another attorney from where we live. He actually told me it was going to be the biggest case he’d ever had. Then he talked to another lawyer and he said, “Oh, no…” so he dropped us. My brother actually went and saw several attorneys over here, and nobody would call him back, they would tell him they didn’t want the case. Then he called Victoria and we were here—what, within a week—signing papers.

What Was Your Experience Like Working with Arnold & Itkin?

I always knew they had our best interests at heart, that they cared about us.

It was just a pleasure to work with them. They’re all very friendly and honest with you. They don’t sugarcoat nothing.

How Did You Feel About the Future After Your Case?

Well, he’s still taking care of us. He always did, and he always will. The grieving process can finally continue on because with court, you have to keep talking about it and bringing it up and reliving what happened that day. You can’t really move on with your grieving process. Now we can finally get over grieving and get a little happier in life, so we don’t have to relive it every day.

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