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What Was It Like Before Hiring Arnold & Itkin?

His employer actually told him to go back to work, that he was fine. I would talk to him every day and he was very limited in the type of things that he was previously able to do before the accident occurred. And I was like “You’re not getting any better. You need to come home. You need to come home and go to your primary care physician so they can examine you and we can make sure that you’re okay.”

Why Did You Choose Arnold & Itkin?

We had been looking around at other attorneys. We actually were referred. I was also looking myself and Arnold & Itkin came across the search engine that I did when I was looking. Then an attorney we had used to also assist us with the process recommended Arnold & Itkin and I told my husband, “Let’s go with them.”

What Changed After Hiring Arnold & Itkin?

Everything changed. We had contact with our attorney. We felt like they understood the situation at hand, they cared, and it really felt like they were going to put 110% into making sure that the proper parties were going to pay for what happened to my husband.

How Were You Treated at Arnold & Itkin?

I appreciate how they handled the situation. We were made aware of what was going on (the ins and outs of the case). The attorneys are very personable. Everyone at the office is very nice, whether you are speaking to them on the phone or in person. It is a very family-oriented company, and a lot of businesses forget that. It’s not just, “I’m just going to be your lawyer. Pay me money.” No, they care. I appreciate that.

How Do You Feel About Your Future After Your Case?

It feels brighter. Much brighter. Before, my husband and I had just gotten married earlier that year: February 5. September 1, the accident happened. It was just like a downward spiral. Now, we’re both seeing that silver lining. Everything is still not 100% like we want it to be (he’s still dealing with pain), but it’s still so much better than where we were. I’m happy for that.

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