Offshore Injuries

Will I Get Put on a "Do Not Hire" List?

After being injured, many offshore workers are concerned that they will be "blacklisted" if they file a lawsuit. We can say with 100% certainty that the "blacklist" no longer exists.

The Myth of the “Blacklist”

Jason Itkin

Working offshore has changed a lot over the years—especially in a post BP Deepwater Horizon explosion era. One of the things that used to exist was what people called the "blacklist." What they would tell workers who were hurt was that if you report an injury, if you file a lawsuit, you'll be put on a “blacklist” and you will never be able to get another job in the offshore industry again.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that the “blacklist" no longer exists. But, more importantly, if a company tries to blacklist one of our clients, we won't stand for that.

One of the things we do is we fight, no matter what, to make sure that our clients get the best future. A future that they want. So, we do everything we can to give our clients, at the end of a case, the choice. They should be financially secure enough when they're done with a case with us to make sure that if they want to go back to work, that's great. If our clients don't want to go back to work, they will be financially secure enough that they won't have to go back to work.

Kurt Arnold

I see companies take advantage of guys all the time, because a lot of times they're small town, hardworking guys. Most of my clients do not want to file a lawsuit, but they're taken advantage of and put in a situation where they don't have a choice. And they want to go back to work. Unfortunately, the company hurt them and they take advantage of them and they take advantage of fear. The fear of how am I going to pay for my house? Am I going to get cut off? Am I going to get blackballed? All those things, I see it all the time.

Jason Itkin

So, if you've been hurt offshore, if your loved one's been hurt offshore, and you're hesitant to call a lawyer because you're worried about getting blacklisted, don't worry about it. We can handle it. We will make sure that you are taken care of, that your family is taken care of, and that you will get the best future that your family deserves.

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