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Discover how Arnold & Itkin stands up for hard-working individuals exploited by corporations. Watch now to learn about your rights and our unwavering commitment to justice.

Advocating for Hard-Working Individuals

Kurt Arnold

I see companies take advantage of guys all the time because a lot of the time, they are small town, hard working guys and they want to go back to work. Unfortunately, the company hurt them. They take advantage of them. They take advantage of fear. I hate seeing guys get taken advantage of because, if the company hurts you, you have a lot of rights. 

Jason Itkin

The people who are counting the dollars and cents and seeing if the job is profitable or not. People who don’t want to pay for an extra day for rental of a piece of equipment or don’t want to pay for an extra crew to come out there or don’t want to pay for extra supplies. Too often, they will push crews to do jobs that are not safe because they want to get it done fast to save money. When they cut corners, people get hurt.

Kurt Arnold

If you’ve been injured, you need to understand your rights. You need to ensure you get the best medical care. You need to ensure the evidence is preserved. You need to ensure your family is taken care of—which we can help with. We don’t let companies starve out our clients. We take care of them through their lawsuit. 

Jason Itkin

We do not only give you the best financial result for your case, but we make sure you get the best medical care for your case. Because what we want to make sure is that our clients, when their case is over, are as healthy as they can be. 

Kurt Arnold

Our firm has had the best results in the past 10 years. Hands down across the country. Results matter. Let me tell you why results matter. When you consistently get the biggest verdicts and the biggest settlements across the country, defendants take notice. So, in your case, when they go back and report to the insurance company or they report to the board of directors, they’re going to report that you are represented by Arnold & Itkin.

When you have a serious injury, you need a serious lawyer. No matter what. 

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