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When someone thinks of jobs with an increased risk of explosion, they’ll likely think of a handful of industries. Chemical plants, refineries, and oil rigs are common worksites that have serious explosions. Yet, there’s another explosion-prone worksite that thousands of workers spend hours around each day: grain elevators. Standing at heights of over 100 feet, grain elevators are filled with explosive material that can be ignited with a single spark.

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What Causes Grain Elevator Explosions?

While many industrial explosions are associated with highly toxic and combustible products, grain elevators house a less worried about danger. While grain is harmless to humans, storing large quantities of it can be dangerous to them thanks to its highly flammable properties. When they’re suspended in an elevator, grain particles become the feeding source of large explosions.

Grain elevators have three significant elements that lead to explosions:

  • A high concentration of grain particles
  • An enclosed spaced
  • Oxygen

The characteristics listed above make companies that operate grain elevators especially responsible for making sure they take the right steps to prevent explosions. Unsafe and poorly maintained grain elevators can operate for years—or even decades—without an incident. It takes the right sequence of events and an ignition source to turn a once innocuous grain elevator into an accidental bomb.

Grain elevator explosion injuries include the following:

When grain elevator explosions don’t kill nearby workers, they cause injuries that can change the course of their lives. Companies have the legal and ethical responsibility to protect employees by making sure grain elevators are adequately ventilated, have the necessary safety equipment, and are completely shielded from any type of ignition source. When preventable explosions cause workers to suffer from lost wages, medical bills, and other financial damages, they deserve compensation from the negligent party that caused them.

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At Arnold & Itkin, we have been there to assist countless families in the wake of serious explosions. From the Deepwater Horizon disaster to the 2013 Geismar, LA explosion, we have assisted families in finding answers, demanding justice, and recovering fair compensation so that they can move on with their lives. Too often, we have seen how owners, managers, and companies have failed to protect their employees from these explosions by prioritizing profit over safety. They decide that taking risks is worth an increased bottom line. Then, when the unthinkable does happen, these companies refuse to help employees recover, leaving them on their own during the worst moment of their life. We will not stand by while that happens.

Our explosion attorneys are passionate about helping the injured demand justice—working with them so that they can understand what truly happened, why it happened, who was responsible, and what can be done to prevent future accidents like it from happening again. While we can’t prevent companies from being negligent, we can fight to hold ones that allowed serious accidents to happen. This way, we set a precedent: protect workers or face the consequences of failing to do so.

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