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Serious workplace accidents occur frequently nationwide. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were over 5,000 workers killed on the job in 2017. Workers frequently sustain severe injuries in workplace accidents, forcing them to take time off work while they're buried in extensive medical bills. Many workers believe that their employers will provide them with the compensation they need to cover their medical bills and treatments; unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

Common Work Accidents in Texas

Employers and their insurance companies are always finding ways to limit their liability and protect their interests, even if it means workers won’t receive the full compensation they deserve. If you were injured in a Laredo work accident, you are entitled to seek compensation for the damages. A Laredo work accident lawyer can help you recover the compensation you need while holding at-fault parties accountable. At Arnold & Itkin LLP, we've won billion of dollars in verdicts and settlements while going up against some of the largest companies in the nation. When you need an advocate, we're the firm that gets results.

If you have suffered injuries in a work accident, you need to take action to protect your rights. Arnold & Itkin LLP can explain your legal options and help you take the first step toward recovery. Take action by contacting our Laredo work accident attorneys today: (888) 493-1629!

Facts About Workplace Accidents

Government agencies like OSHA report that workplace injuries, illnesses, and even wrongful deaths are more common than they ought to be. This continues to be a nationwide issue that needs to be addressed to prevent more workplace injuries. Employer negligence and carelessness is a major contributor to work accidents, which means most workplace injuries are preventable.

Recent research shows the danger of injuries in the workplace:

  • An average of 50,000 workers has died from occupational diseases annually. This is about 150 works killed per day.
  • Workers suffer over 24,000 serious injuries every year
  • Annually, 803 workers are killed because of workplace violence.
  • The most violated OSHA safety standard is fall protection.

Most Common Types of Workplace Injuries

Accidents can occur at any job where employers fail to provide a safe work environment or utilize proper safety protocols. Different types of injuries can result from workplace accidents, and many of them can require immediate (and costly) medical attention.

A variety of injuries can occur on the job, including:

What Causes Injuries on the Job?

Various things can cause a workplace accident, but the most common reasons are the carelessness, inexperience, and the negligence of employers and co-workers.

The negligence that leads to work injuries can take many forms, including:

  • Equipment Failures
    Poorly maintained, manufactured, or operated equipment can cause serious and fatal injuries.
  • Falling Objects & Flying Debris
    Falling objects and flying debris can damage the eyes, ears, and brain, leading to disabilities that rob a worker of his or ability to make a living. Falling objects and flying debris is common at construction sites, logging sites, factories, warehouses, and shipyards.
  • Slips and Falls
    A slippery or cluttered floor, poor lighting, and lack of guardrails often trigger slip and fall accidents. These frequently occur at hospitals, construction sites, warehouses, stores, factories, ships, and drilling rigs.
  • Improper Maintenance
    It is vital for companies to perform maintenance on machines and equipment at regular intervals to prevent breakdowns or injuries.
  • Failure to Comply with Safety Regulations
    Employers often fail to meet the federal workplace and safety regulations—resulting in unsafe work environments.
  • Inadequate Inspections
    Workers will be unable to identify risks in the workplace if employers fail to inspect them and the equipment around them. This can include defective ladders and scaffolds, derricks, cranes, hoists pulleys and forklifts.
  • Insufficient Training
    Employers must train employees how to perform their work safely. Employees need to be fully informed of potential job hazards.
  • Mismanagement
    A string of injuries may be the strongest indication that a business owner or supervisors are mismanaging a workplace.

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Laredo Work Accident Lawyers Kurt Arnold & Jason ItkinResearch shows that nearly a quarter of a million Texas workers are injured on the job each year, including hundreds of wrongful deaths. In many cases, if employers had followed health and safety standards, many of these deaths and injuries could have been prevented. If you or a loved one have suffered injuries in a workplace accident because of another person’s negligence, you have the right to seek compensation, but just as importantly, your claim could force your employer to change their safety practices and prevent further accidents.

At Arnold & Itkin LLP, our Laredo work injury lawyers are focused on making sure that injured workers and their families are compensated for their pain and suffering, medical expenses, funeral costs, and rehabilitation. After billions of dollars in results, including hundreds of verdicts and settlements worth $1 million or more, we are equipped to help you fight for what you deserve. If you have been injured, don’t hesitate to learn your legal options from one of our attorneys.

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