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Of the 253 million vehicles on the road in the United States, roughly 5 percent are classified as "commercial vehicles." An even smaller percentage are large trucks—vehicles that are between 10,000 and 80,000 pounds. And yet these large trucks cause 11 percent of vehicle fatalities every year.

Our Laredo truck accident law firm has represented hundreds of victims of trucking accidents. Many of them suffered from catastrophic injuries like severe burns, paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, or wrongful death. In order to help our clients get back to a normal life, we held trucking companies responsible—securing a record number of seven-figure results or higher over the last decade.

We want to do the same for you. If you've been hurt in a truck accident, Arnold & Itkin wants to hear your story and help you rebuild your life. Let us help you get medical care, provide for your family, and more.

The Trucking Industry's Big Problem

Trucking is one of the deadliest industries in the United States. Of the thousands of vehicle fatalities involving a large truck, 700+ of those fatalities are the truck driver themselves. Why do large trucks cause so many deadly vehicle accidents?

Truck accidents we've represented include:

The largest issue is the way the industry incentivizes truckers to push themselves past the point of exhaustion just to make ends meet. Carriers often hire and train drivers who have no prior trucking experience and pay them by the mile—meaning they're not paid for all of the vital non-driving work every trucker has to do. Pay-by-mile forces drivers to drive as long and as fast as they can, creating a culture of "hard-driving" that rewards anything that gets around federal trucking regulations. Many new drivers quickly learn to keep two logbooks so that their hours of service always appear to be compliant with federal law—meanwhile, they push far longer than the 14-hour daily limit.

Tired drivers means deadly drivers: the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found that 13 percent of truck crashes are caused directly by fatigue, while 25% of crashes happened when a driver was hauling for longer than 17 hours.

UPS & FedEx Truck Accident Lawyers

UPS and FedEx, who together command 50 percent of the freight industry in the United States, have seen an increase in the number of crashes and fatalities. From 2015 to 2017, UPS saw its number of crashes increase by 38 percent to 2,003 collisions, causing 49 deaths. FedEx' numbers were even more dire: in the past two years, their number of crashes and fatalities have more than doubled.

See for yourself—find out how often trucking companies get into accidents on the FMCSA website.

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Laredo Trucking Accident Attorneys Kurt Arnold & Jason Itkin.Arnold & Itkin has a simple mission: help the victims of life-changing accidents rebuild their lives and get back to normal. Our Laredo trucking attorneys do that by investigating commercial truck accidents to determine who was at fault. Unlike insurance companies, we don't pin the blame on drivers' behavior. Instead, we investigate company practices and maintenance schedules (among other things) to ensure that the accident's true cause is made clear.

Our firm has helped clients win billions of dollars to keep their homes, buy groceries, get medical care, and replace their lost income. If we can help you, we cover the cost of your case from start to finish—our clients never even see a bill. We advance all the costs of your case—investigators, filing fees, etc.—-against your settlement or verdict. If you win nothing, our firm absorbs the cost.

It all begins with a free and confidential consultation—call (888) 493-1629 or contact us online to share your story with one of our attorneys today.

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