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Serious accidents change the lives of those they injure. When a negligent party causes a car wreck, work accident, or any other type of dangerous situation, they should be held accountable for the lives their actions changed. At Arnold & Itkin, our Mission personal injury lawyers have a history of doing just that.

Our personal injury law firm has recovered billions of dollars on behalf of clients. We’ve done this by remaining dedicated to results even when the other side isn’t cooperating. We know that our work rebuilds lives, and we’re never happy with a settlement or verdict until we’re convinced it what a person needs for financial security.

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How Our Mission Personal Injury Firm Helps

When a preventable accident causes a person to sustain serious injuries, they should have to suffer financially from it. At Arnold & Itkin, our firm fights to hold negligent parties accountable so our clients don’t have to experience the financial strain associated with their injury. While we can’t change what happened to a person and their family, we can demand accountability from those who are responsible for damages.

A personal injury claim can help a person with:

  • All hospitalization and treatment costs
  • Lost wages due to injury
  • Lost earning capacity for lifelong injuries
  • Future medical care necessitated by the injury
  • Cost of mental and emotional anguish
  • Cost of physical pain and suffering
  • Funeral costs for fatal injuries
  • Medical costs for the deceased prior to death’

The damages listed above are caused when a person, company, or any other party fails to behave in a way that protects the wellbeing of others. In a perfect world, negligent parties would pay for destruction they’ve caused automatically. However, while this process is possible, it isn’t automatic. People turn to our firm to make sure they can fight for the accountability they deserve after a serious accident.

Our Mission personal injury lawyers help issues such as:

  • Car accidents
  • Work injuries
  • Construction accidents
  • Offshore injuries
  • Medical malpractice
  • Explosions
  • Premises liability
  • And more

Mission Offshore Injury Attorneys

When maritime accidents leave workers seriously injured, they turn to the leading offshore accident lawyers in the nation: Arnold & Itkin. For more than 15 years, our firm has been the foremost maritime law firm for injured workers, representing plaintiffs in some of the biggest and highest-profile cases nationwide. Offshore workers rely on us because we’ve won billions of dollars, allowing our clients to live the rest of their lives without worry or fear.

Our Mission offshore injury lawyers are known among maritime workers nationwide because:

  • We’ve won record-setting results for the nation’s toughest cases
  • We’ve secured dozens of results worth $10 million or more
  • We’ve secured hundreds of results of $1 million or more
  • Our clients pay absolutely nothing unless we win

Our firm represented nearly a third of the crew of the Deepwater Horizon after the tragic 2010 explosion, four widows of the crew members killed in the El Faro sinking, the family of a young man killed in a barge explosion off Port Aransas, a man who was badly hurt in a dredge explosion off of Corpus Christi, and countless other maritime accidents. In every case, we won life-changing results that gave our clients a chance to rebuild their lives.

Fighting for Barge Explosion Victims

Barges and dredges are part of the massive logistics network that keeps our country running. Unfortunately, working on a barge is dangerous work. Our firm has represented numerous workers who were injured in barge accidents and barge explosions along the Gulf Coast. One of our cases involved Bouchard Transportation, a barge company from New York. Bouchard’s barges had a documented flaw that allowed oil vapors to accumulate in the hold, which eventually triggered a massive explosion. Our client’s son was killed in the explosion, and our work eventually uncovered the fact that Bouchard knew their barges were at risk of exploding.


First of all, your conversation with our firm will remain 100% confidential. There’s no way for your attorney to know you spoke with us. Secondly, if your employer is even implying that you shouldn’t seek legal counsel, it’s a good sign that you should. Serious offshore accidents often compel companies to protect themselves in whatever way they can, which includes intimidating you out of pursuing your rights. If you are fired for speaking with an attorney, it will entitle you to seek further damages. In other words, you have nothing to fear and everything to gain from speaking with an attorney about your injuries.


Maritime law gives you the right to seek medical care from whatever doctor you want. Your company may pressure you to use their doctor, but we urge you to get a second opinion of your injuries from an independent source. Company doctors often make their living from referrals from the company, which means a doctor may be incentivized to say you’re fit for returning to work when you’re really not.

Additionally, a company doctor will only perform treatments paid for by the company. As a result, your care ceases to be about your needs, but what the company thinks is necessary for you. Your best advocate for your health is you, not your employer.

Jones Act Eligibility for Offshore Injuries

The Jones Act broadly applies to seamen who are working in service to a “vessel in navigation” on a navigable waterway. That includes any vessel in active operation, regardless of whether it is moving at the time of injury. It also includes vessels in rivers, ports, ship channels, as well as at sea. Additionally, to be considered a “Jones Act seaman,” at least 30% of your job needs to be on a vessel.

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Whether a person is suffering from a serious trucking accident or need help after sustaining a serious injury at work, Arnold & Itkin is ready to help. Our personal injury lawyers have recovered billions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for clients by remaining dedicated to obtaining the results they need during difficult times. We never back down from a fight, we always investigate all aspects of an accident, and we refuse to let the other side mistreat our clients. Call us today to find out how we’re work to obtain the justice you deserve.

A consultation with our Mission personal injury law firm is free when your dial (888) 493-1629. Discovering your legal options is fast, simple, and free from obligation.

Common Questions

  • How Much Does Hiring a Mission Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

    When a person sustains serious injuries, they’re often fearful that they won’t be able to afford the legal help that they deserve. However, hiring help from a firm like Arnold & Itkin is affordable to everyone because we work on contingency fees. This means that we cover the costs of a case—from the investigation to any other expense associated with it—and only collect a fee if we win results. Contingency fees make our services affordable to the people who need us, regardless of their financial situation. It also means that our clients can focus on their physical health while we fight for their financial security.
  • Do Mission Personal Injury Claims Have a Time Limit?

    Yes. All personal injury claims in the state of Texas must be filed within two years of the date of an accident. Since all cases have a time limit, contact a lawyer as soon as possible means your case will have plenty of time for preparation. If you’re close to the limit for your claim, don’t waste any time calling us at (888) 493-1629.
  • Why Should You Hire a Firm with Trial Experience?

    While it isn’t necessary to take every case to trial, it’s important to have help from a firm that’s prepared to do so. Many injury lawyers rarely see the interior of a courtroom because they settle before a case reaches one. While there’s nothing wrong with accepting a settlement if it’s fair, a firm should also be prepared to fight for fair results.
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