Equipment Malfunction Injured by a Defective or Dangerous Piece of Equipment?

Oil Drilling Equipment Malfunction

There are about 30 different parts that need to be in good shape for a drilling rig to function correctly. Each of these parts needs to be properly maintained to help workers avoid harm. Equipment like rotary tables, the drill floor, Kelly hose, and suction lines all need repairs as soon as operators know there’s a problem—if they’re not, workers’ lives are put at risk. Quite possibly in your situation, one of these parts malfunctioned, causing the rig to either catch on fire, explode, or you may even have been injured because of a falling or protruding part.

Rig maintenance workers are responsible for ensuring that these things do not happen. They can be held accountable if an accident occurred because there was an equipment malfunction. Employers can also be held responsible because the company itself is the one responsible for making sure these routine checkups happen—and happen thoroughly.

If you were injured in the oilfield, it’s likely that an equipment malfunction contributed to your accident. Please don't hesitate to get on the phone and speak with our oilfield accident lawyers.

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At Arnold & Itkin, we want workers to have answers. More importantly, we want workers and their families to be able to rebuild their lives after a devastating accident. Our priority is ensuring that you have the resources to get medical care, provide for your family, and pay your bills. Our secondary goal is to hold the employer or manufacturer accountable for their negligence—preventing your accident from happening again. In many ways, this second goal is as fulfilling and necessary for you as the first—many of our clients fight to make sure that their injury wasn’t for nothing. Ensuring the safety of other workers in the oilfield is the most fulfilling work we can imagine, and many of our past clients have agreed.

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