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Preventing Injuries from Improper LOTO Procedures

Lockout/tagout violations were in the top 4 most common OSHA violations for 2019. OSHA estimates that following LOTO procedures prevents as many as 120 fatalities and 50,000 injuries every year, but improper LOTO still causes 1 in 10 industrial accidents. In order to ensure the safety of industrial workers, companies must be held accountable for every single lockout tagout accident. By making them liable for the medical costs of injured workers, we can restore workers’ lives while incentivizing companies to make their procedures safer.

We have been able to recover the following for our clients:

  • Their present medical costs
  • Their future medical treatment
  • Their lost income from hospitalization
  • Their lost future earnings

When workers are injured as a result of employer negligence, they call Arnold & Itkin. Our firm has fought and won some of the largest industrial accident claims in recent history, securing more than $20 billion total for our clients. We’ve represented workers in plant accidents, factory disasters, refinery fires, and warehouse accidents of all kinds. If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one in a logout/tagout accident, speak with our LOTO injury lawyers today for a free consultation. Let’s discuss your recovery options now: call (888) 493-1629 today.

The Most Common Lockout/Tagout Mistakes

Any potentially hazardous equipment must by locked or tagged out when not in operation or under maintenance. Failure to follow safety procedure regarding LOTO is the responsibility of the owner and operator of the equipment. It’s as simple as that. When companies have poor safety practices, workers are the ones who lose their limbs or their lives. Companies need to provide for workers and their families after a catastrophic accident.

The most common mistakes caused by poor safety procedure include:

  • Not using a lock while doing short tasks
  • Putting a lock through another worker’s lock (and failing to relock)
  • Leaving the key in the lock
  • Delegating lockout duties instead of doing it yourself
  • Failing to lock out the main switch or disconnect
  • Failing to test the lockout before beginning a job

Fighting For Plant Workers Nationwide

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Catastrophic Injury Caused by Lockout Tagout Accidents

Lockout/tagout accidents are devastating because they involve workers working on, within, or under extremely heavy, powerful machinery. They’re also devastating because they’re completely preventable. Theoretically, there could be zero LOTO accidents every year if companies followed and enforced correct lockout/tagout procedures.

Lockout tagout accidents can result in catastrophic injuries including but not limited to:

All of these injuries could result in millions of medical care, lost wages, lost future earnings, and loss of enjoyment. Companies are obligated to cover their workers when the company’s negligence causes their harm, and people are entitled to everything they need to recover what they’ve lost. Our job is ensuring workers get what they need.

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At Arnold & Itkin, we’ve secured over $20 billion fighting for our clients. We pour all our resources and effort into every case, knowing our results might be the only money our clients receive for the rest of their lives. That’s why we win: we’re never going to be outworked. We know how much is on the line, and we will fight for the best.

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Common Questions

  • What Is a Lockout Tagout Accident?

    When workers have to service or perform maintenance on industrial machinery or energy sources, they have to make sure the machine can’t be turned on by accident. Lockout tagout (LOTO) procedures make sure the machine’s controls are locked out of any power source and cannot be turned on, as well as tagged to let other workers know not to turn it on. LOTO procedures usually include both a locking and tagging step. Lock is secured to the machine’s power source to prevent it from turning on and tag is attached to the machinery to keep workers from engaging it. A LOTO accident results from improper lockout tagout procedure, which subjects workers to serious (and often fatal) harm. Workers have been crushed, burned, or lacerated as a result of working on machinery when it gets turned on. It’s a company’s responsibility to prevent LOTO accidents by any means possible.

  • How Is My Company Responsible?

    If your coworker turned on the machine that hurt you, how is your company responsible? Legally speaking, your company is responsible because the company is responsible for the actions of its employees while they’re on the job. If an employee causes a serious injury while completing their duties, the company is ultimately liable.

  • What Can I Do to Make Sure My Family Is Taken Care Of?

    LOTO accidents often render workers unable to work–sometimes permanently. In those situations, the combination of losing your income and accruing medical bills can devastate your family. The best way to ensure your family is taken care of is to speak with an injury attorney about your case. An injury attorney would be able to investigate your accident, hold the company liable for their role in causing you harm, and fight for a full financial recovery on your behalf. At our firm, we don’t take a fee unless/until we win our client’s case.
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