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Herbicide 'Roundup' Shows Possible Health Concerns

Springtime means that our flowers are finally blossoming, as they are receiving the nutrients they need to grow from both the rain and the sun. Unfortunately with every batch of beautiful flowers, that we spend hours and hours planting, there are always the weeds that creep up into our gardens, and trimming them down is not enough. To cure the problem, we need to get a weed from its roots. This means either taking the time to sort through the pretty flowers and the weeds, pulling them out by hand; or buying herbicide to attack the roots for you. There is a very popular brand that is often advertised on television for its ability to kill any weeds, called Roundup. While this herbicide may be successful at killing weeds, recent studies are showing that it may also be leading to serious health risks for those who are frequently exposed to its toxins.

A recent peer-reviewed report, posted by a scientific journal Entropy, researchers claim that this particular product is showing that there are traces of "glyphosate" found in many food products, as Roundup is a common weed killer used into the agricultural industry, sprayed over millions of crops at a time. They have concluded that there is a strong likelihood that extended exposure to the chemicals found in this weed killer may be a link with health problems and illnesses including, Parkinson's , cancer and infertility, among others.

The residue of glyphosate that is being found in certain foods is allegedly disrupting the normal bodily functions a person has due to the ingredient being a toxic chemical; and as a result the body becomes more prone to disease, if not made ill, by the exposure. Doctors and researchers from the Union of Concerned Scientists share that these sicknesses are something that will take time to flourish because the negative impact the toxins have on the body. The toxins, though insidious, take much time to manifest in the body; slowly causing inflammation and other cellular system damages.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set a time limit for the review and testing of this product to be completed by 2015, and then they will decide whether or not the use of this chemical at all needs to be banned or somehow limited. Roundup's developer Monsanto claims that their product is among one of the safer chemicals used in the market, as it harms the environment less than other leading brands. They claim that their company has conducted extensive research on glyphosate and they stand by their conclusion that it is a safe chemical to use.

While the company may be arguing that this product is safe for the environment, the question then remains: how safe is it for the people? If there are leads that exposure to Roundup may be resulting in life-threatening illnesses and disease, this should cause them to make improvements of their product, rather than defending the toxic chemical ingredient. Defective products are an unfortunately common occurrence in our society today, and whether it is a result of the product being improperly made or there are hazards and dangers as a result of the product; people's lives may be at risk. In the event that you or a loved one have been made ill by what you believe to be exposure to Roundup in your foods or perhaps personal gardening, contact a Houston injury attorney at Arnold & Itkin today. Together we will discuss your case and the possibility of seeking compensation for your illness or injury caused by exposure to this dangerous chemical!


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