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Sexual abuse leaves us with trauma no one deserves to go through. It takes away our feeling of safety and leaves us with little faith in justice. A countless number of sexual harassment cases have been reported in places where we should feel safe and protected. These organizations fail to provide those in their care with protection from sexual assault—and, in fact, helped cover for those who committed it.

The Houston sex abuse attorneys at Arnold & Itkin believe the survivors of sex abuse. We believe that the institutions and individuals responsible for grievous physical, emotional, and psychological harm should be taken to task, publicly exposed, and made to pay for the damage they've caused. Our firm stands with survivors of sex abuse—if you need help holding anyone accountable, we're the firm plaintiffs call nationwide.

If you’ve been sexually assaulted or abused by a boss, teacher, professor, doctor, or anyone who unjustly used their position to harm you, our attorneys want to help you bring them to justice. Share your story by calling (888) 493-1629. We can help.

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Institutions Are Ultimately Responsible for Systemic Sexual Abuse

Sexual assault is one of the most underreported violent crimes nationwide. Shame, fear of reprisal, and fear of being publicly and unjustly discredited often keep survivors from reporting their assault. When members of an organization commit sexual assault, the pressure to remain silent is even more profound. Unfortunately, only a few offenders of sexual abuse are ever brought to justice. As it pertains to sexual harassment within an institution, however, the state doesn’t need to file a criminal case against the perpetrator for you to file a civil suit against the institution that stood aside while you suffered the unthinkable.

The law holds institutions responsible for hiring people who pose no risk to the people in their care—whether they are an employee, student, client, or patient. If a member used their knowledge or status to commit sexual abuse against a subordinate, the company or organization might be held responsible in civil court—particularly if there was a history of abuse and the institution did nothing to warn or protect you.

The University of Southern California is just one of many institutions that has been accused of protecting sex abusers within the school's staff.

Institutions Repeatedly Accused of Covering Up Sexual Misconduct

Institutions like colleges, hospitals, and cruise ships either stand on the sidelines while people within their care suffer deep trauma, or they cover for the perpetrators in order to shield themselves from liability. For example, 3 percent of all college women become victims of rape—for a campus with 10,000 students, 350 women are or will be victims of sexual abuse. Although sexual assaults are common on college campuses, only a third of colleges report incidents in a way that is compliant with federal law.

Thousands of cases of sexual abuse also occur between doctors and patients, causing profound emotional and physical distress. Although an alarming rate of sexual abuse occurs between physicians and patients, a report from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution found that the healthcare system allows abusive physicians to operate quietly for years. How? Because hospitals pushed them out quietly, without alerting authorities or licensing boards. Medical boards offered second chances without alerting authorities. Prosecutors dismiss or reduced charges to allow doctors to continue practicing.

At every step in the system, too many doctors are able to commit sexual assault with little to no consequence. Anyone of them could be stopped—but they’re not. And that’s when it becomes an institutional problem and the victim can file a civil lawsuit against the organization at fault.

We Demand Justice & Get Results

We understand the challenges and emotional distress that come with being a survivor of sexual abuse—that is why we work tirelessly to get justice for our clients. Arnold & Itkin wants to answer your questions, address your concerns, and provide the legal guidance needed to make sure that your story is told—and told well. Our Texas sex abuse lawyershave earned a reputation for strong advocacy and ground-breaking results in cases nationwide. Those in our care have won billions of dollars for their pain and loss, and we have helped hundreds win cases that were worth $1 million or more.

This track record of success demonstrates that Arnold & Itkin goes above and beyond to earn trust, respect, and form strong relationships with our clients. Our Houston sex abuse attorneys are not afraid to stand up to large institutions and companies to provide our clients with the justice they deserve.

If you are a survivor of sexual assault, share your story with our Houston sex abuse attorneys. Together, we can fight against any institution that failed to give you the protection you needed. Your consultation is free and confidential.

Common Questions

  • What Are Some of the Long-Term Consequences of Sexual Abuse?

    Every victim’s reaction to sexual abuse is different. Some experience severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, or withdrawal and isolation. Some live in fear or feel a tremendous amount of guilt about what happened. Some experience feelings of grief, anxiety, or shock. These feelings can be constant, may come in waves, or may be triggered by certain circumstances or experiences. No matter the consequences, they may last for the rest of the victim’s life. They may color every single thing the victim does. This is why it is crucial to expose sexual abuse and stop it in its tracks. That’s why our firm is committed to seeking answers and accountability for victims of sexual abuse across the country.
  • How Do People in Positions of Power or Authority Sexually Abuse Others?

    When a person is in a position of influence, authority, or power, they have a certain sway over others. This may be a teacher over her students, a doctor over his patients, or a priest over his congregation. Children are particularly vulnerable to this influence because they are told to listen to their elders and because they trust the adults in their lives. Sexual abusers in positions of authority may use threats, lies, coercion, or charm to work their ways into their victim’s lives. Because of their authority, victims may be afraid to speak out for many years or decades—if at all.
  • Who Can Be Brought to Justice for Systemic Sexual Abuse?

    When sexual abuse occurs again and again within an institution, such as a church, school, or organization, that institution can be held accountable if it did anything to hide the abuse. It can also be held accountable if it failed to take reasonable measures to protect its members, students, employees, etc. Negligent hiring practices, failures to report and act against claims of sexual abuse, and outright cover-up operations have all occurred in some of our nation’s most trusted institutions. This cannot be tolerated. Victims have the right to see their abusers—and the institutions that allowed or hid their nefarious conduct—brought to justice.
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