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The physical, emotional, and financial toll of an accident can be hard to understand until you experience it. When you need an advocate behind you to hold negligent parties accountable for the harm they’ve caused, turn to Arnold & Itkin. Our Spring personal injury attorneys are committed to helping you find a path forward and rebuild your life. Nothing can ever take away the pain you’ve suffered, but we will use our experience to demand justice and help you secure a sense of closure. We can help you understand the long-term cost of your injury.

Some of the costs that an injury or wrongful death claim can help you cover:

  • Property damage
  • Medical costs
  • Ongoing treatment or care
  • Lost income
  • Decreased earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship
  • Funeral costs

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How Our Spring, TX Personal Injury Firm Can Help

Accidents happen. Even when we are careful and try to look out for ourselves and our loved ones, we can be harmed because someone else was reckless or negligent. Arnold & Itkin is here to help when this happens. As Spring, TX personal injury attorneys, we know how to help our clients get the financial compensation that's needed to set things right. We hold at-fault parties accountable and help our clients rebuild as a result.

We can handle any type of personal injury case, such as:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents:   
    Traffic accidents are an everyday occurrence. Nationwide, more than 2 million people are injured and over 30,000 are killed in motor vehicle accidents every year, making them the second-highest cause of accidental death in the country. We help people across Spring who have been injured in car, truck, motorcycle, pedestrian, and bicycle accidents.
  • Trucking Accidents:   
    When a crash involves a large truck like an 18-wheeler or semi, the results are often catastrophic. Our injury attorneys know how to deal with the complex issues involved with truck accident cases, helping survivors and victims' families get answers and recover fair compensation after these horrific accidents. We take on truck accident claims nationwide.
  • Construction Accidents:   
    Any construction site has hazards, but these can be minimized when employers provide the right training and equipment to protect workers. If they blatantly ignore or overlook safety standards, workers can be seriously injured or killed in ladder accidents, scaffolding falls, trench collapses, crane accidents, and other preventable incidents. We help workers and families in the Spring area get answers and justice after all types of construction site accidents.
  • Industrial Injuries:   
    Workers at warehouses, refineries, plants, and other industrial worksites are at a high risk of injury because of the physical nature of their jobs and the fact that they work around heavy machinery. This is no excuse for industrial accidents that injure workers and claim their lives. When industrial workers are injured, our Spring, TX trial lawyers fight to set things right.
  • Oil & Gas Worker Injuries:   
    Whether you work on an offshore rig or one of the many oilfields or refineries located across Texas, you have the right to a safe work environment. Our firm helps workers who have been injured and lost in well blowouts, explosions, fires, and other catastrophes. We believe in holding oil and gas companies accountable for protecting their workers.
  • Defective Products:   
    We use hundreds of different products every day: home appliances, electronics, children's toys, motor vehicles, safety equipment, tools, and more. If these malfunction because they are not designed or manufactured properly, or if they do not include proper instructions or warnings, manufacturers can be held accountable through product liability lawsuits. We fight for consumers' rights in Spring, across Texas, and throughout the country.
  • Premises Liability:   
    When property owners do not take proper measures to keep visitors, customers, and guests safe, they can be held responsible. Our Spring personal injury law firm helps people who have been injured because of the negligence of hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, parking facilities, resorts, water parks, retail stores, commercial buildings, and all types of properties.
  • Catastrophic Injuries:   
    Severe burns, amputation, paralysis, hearing loss, brain injuries — these are all injuries that can permanently change a person's life. Getting the right treatment, ongoing care, and enough financial support to provide for the future are crucial. Our trial lawyers are highly experienced with catastrophic injury cases, fighting for the maximum compensation our clients need.
  • Wrongful Death:   
    A family that has lost a loved one deserves answers. They deserve to see the at-fault party held accountable, and at Arnold & Itkin, we help people in Spring and throughout the state and nation find peace of mind and stability through successful wrongful death lawsuits. When the worst happens, we're there to push for answers and accountability.

Injured Offshore? Arnold & Itkin Will Fight for You.

Our Spring offshore injury attorneys have a deep respect for the risks that offshore workers face every day, and we are proud to represent them when accidents throw their lives into chaos. Over the years, we’ve seen how employers prioritize profits over the safety of their workers, and we know how to demand justice for the harm that their greed causes. We represented clients after every kind of offshore accident you can imagine—fires, explosions, vessel collisions, dredging accidents, equipment malfunctions, and more. If you have been harmed at sea, let Arnold & Itkin demand the compensation you need now and for the rest of your life.

After an accident, you need an attorney who understands the complex laws that will govern your case. Our Spring maritime attorneys have a long history of handling these types of cases. We were there for the grieving widows after the El Faro sank. We represented more crewmembers than any other law firm after the Deepwater Horizon explosion. And we have secured numerous record-setting verdicts and settlements, including the largest known settlement for a wrongful death offshore. Turn to us for the experienced representation you deserve.

About Spring, TX

Spring is a community in Texas, located just outside of Houston in the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metropolitan area. As of April 2020, the population in the census-designated place of Spring was 62,559 and it covered a land area of 23.19 square miles. Spring can trace its roots back to 1838, when William Pierpont built a trading post on Spring Creek. With in a couple of years, the town had more than 150 residents, and farming began. Spring produced crops that included sugar cane, cotton, and vegetables.

When the International-Great Northern Railroad was constructed through Spring and opened in 1871, the area saw more growth. The town soon held mills, cotton gins, churches, and schools. The population continued to increase after more railway lines opened in 1901-1903, but things slowed considerably and the town only had 700 residents by 1947. It was after the Houston oil boom in the 1970s and 1980s that Spring saw more growth, with the population increasing to 33,111 people by 1990. Much of Spring’s popularity came from Old Town Spring, which was promoted as a tourist attraction. It continues to attract visitors today, to its shops, restaurants, and galleries.

There are many activities in the Spring area that bring in visitors and residents, including Pundt Park, which offers a creek for kayaking, two ponds, bike trails, and horseback riding trails. Hurricane Harbor Splashtown is another popular attraction, as is the 180-acre Meyer Park, Wild Stallion Vineyards, and Collins Park. Because Spring is known for it’s particularly hot and humid summers, winter may be a better time to visit. Winter months are generally mild or cool. Fun fact: Olympic gymnast Simone Biles was raised in Spring.

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Dealing with an injury can be one of the most stressful, hopeless moments of your life. Allow the Spring personal injury attorneys at Arnold & Itkin to step in and help. From the moment we take on your case, we make it our personal responsibility to ease your burdens and provide the guidance and support you need. We want you to focus on healing, which is why we work on a contingency fee basis. You don’t have to worry about attorney fees unless we recover compensation on your behalf. We are here to help you rebuild your life. No matter what.

We never settle for less than you deserve. Call (888) 493-1629 to tell us about your injury.

Common Questions

  • When Should I Call a Spring Personal Injury Lawyer?

    After a serious accident or injury, it’s important to talk to an attorney as soon as possible. Seeking legal counsel may not be the first thing on your mind, but it’s the first thing that the insurance company and any at-fault parties (particularly large corporations) will be thinking about. They will try to protect their bottom line, often at the expense of good people like you, who are dealing with the emotional and physical aftermath of an accident. Protect your interests and your rights by involving a legal professional who can advise you and protect you. At Arnold & Itkin, your initial consultation is always free, and we’re always standing by to offer our friendly guidance and experienced insight. You can count on it.

  • Who Is Responsible for My Injuries? Who Can Be Held Accountable?

    Any individual or company can be held legally responsible, or liable, for causing harm to another person – even if this was unintentional. Personal injury lawsuits cover injuries caused by negligence, carelessness, intentional wrongdoing, and other scenarios where a person or business has failed to uphold their duty to prevent causing harm. Examples of at-fault parties may include the following: the manufacturer of a car seat that produces a batch of seats with defective buckles, which become unlatched in collisions; a trucking company that hires inexperienced or unlicensed drivers, leading to a deadly truck accident; or an oilfield operator that fails to replace aging equipment, resulting in a fire that takes out an entire facility. The idea is simple: when someone causes harm, they should be held accountable.
  • How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Case in Spring, Texas?

    People who have been injured do not have an unlimited time to come forward with lawsuits against responsible parties. There is a statute of limitations that requires personal injury actions be filed within two years of the date of the accident/injury. If the victim was a minor at the time of the incident, however, that 2-year limit does not begin until the victim turns 18. If you have questions about when you need to come forward with a case and whether you need legal counsel, our Spring, TX personal injury lawyers will be happy to provide the information you need. All you have to do is give us a call at (888) 493-1629 to get started!
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