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More than a century ago, the nation underwent an industrial revolution that changed the world’s economy. Though the nation’s wealth was growing, the experience of the common worker was deteriorating quickly. After countless injuries and deaths throughout industrial America, workers fought for laws that would protect their wellbeing as they worked to provide for their families. Today, many employers ignore the legacy of this hard work by neglecting to follow the laws designed to keep workers healthy and productive. That means many workers throughout every industry are still facing unnecessary hazards every day, thanks to their employers.

These job locations still have a risk of industrial accidents:

If you were injured due to a workplace hazard, then your employer failed in their duty. Speak with our Texas City industrial accident attorneys in a free review of your case. Call (888) 493-1629 or use our short online form to reach us today.

Types of Industrial Accident Injuries

Industrial work requires heavy machinery to remain productive and competitive. Along with heavy machinery, work sites often house dangerous chemicals and other hazards to create a set of risk factors that employers must protect workers from. That protection comes in the form of good safety equipment, compliant maintenance schedules, and adequate training for all new employees. When one of these protections is missing, a life-threatening hazard is almost guaranteed.

Common industrial injuries include:

The Law Demands Worker Protection

In 1970, lawmakers developed a sweeping set of reforms that were designed to heighten safety standards for the American worker. Though progress had been made, the public was alarmed over persistently high death and injury rates in the United States. The resulting Occupational Safety and Health Act required a heightened amount of safety requirements and education for employees. The results were astonishing – injuries and deaths dropped drastically in the years following the new law. However, to cut corners and increase profits, companies purposely neglect safety laws and place their workers at risk.

If you work somewhere and feel that it neglects safety standards, notify your supervisor immediately. Employers who willfully ignore concerns are liable for neglect in the event of an industrial accident. It is important to remember that laws are created to protect every citizen. It is your right to be safe as you earn a living. It’s simple: work accidents should not happen in a country with laws such as the OSH Act of 1970.

Texas City Disaster – America’s Worst Industrial Accident

Texas City industrial accident lawyers at Arnold & Itkin LLP.On April 16, 1947, Texas City was the location of one of the most tragic industrial accidents in American history. The American economy was booming in the aftermath of World War II, and wartime materials were being used for a variety of domestic needs. Originally used as an explosive by the army, ammonium nitrate found a post-war use as fertilizer. As a shipment of this volatile fertilizer was being loaded onto the freighter Grandcamp, crucial safety laws were disregarded. Cigarette use was officially banned on the ship, but the restriction was widely ignored by dock workers and their supervisors.

When a discarded cigarette ignited a fire inside the Grandcamp, fate took over what negligence begun. Afraid to damage the cargo, workers avoided the use of hoses and tried to extinguish the fire by other means. It didn’t work. The resulting explosion was devastating: buildings were leveled, and people felt the shockwave in neighboring Louisiana. Almost 600 people lost their lives and more than 5,000 people were injured. It’s worth noting that the losses and tragedy of the Texas City Disaster could have been prevented had supervisors enforced simple safety rules regarding cigarettes.

Results for Industrial Accident Victims

At Arnold & Itkin, our Texas City industrial accident lawyers are familiar with our state’s tragic workplace accident history. As a result, our industrial accident attorneys have fought relentlessly for workers to keep employers accountable.

In 2013, the Williams Olefins plant in Geismar, Louisiana exploded and tragically killed two people. Adding to the community’s heartache was 167 injured workers. After investigating the incident, the lawyers at Arnold & Itkin found a pattern of neglect that lead directly to the death and injury of innocent people. We used this discovery to prove that the accident could have been prevented. Our firm was able to secure $34 million total for the 8 workers who came to us for help.

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With our established history of victories, Arnold & Itkin has set itself apart as a law firm that fights relentlessly for what injured workers need. We are proud to have won billions of dollars for our clients. Each dollar won represents a life we have helped restored. Though nothing will fix the pain caused by a life-changing industrial accident, we will stop at nothing to provide financial security for those who need it the most.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an industrial accident, do not hesitate to call us at (888) 493-1629. Our Texas City attorneys are ready to discuss your options at no charge.

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