$117 Million Ambulance Accident Settlement

Kurt Arnold & Jason Itkin talk about their experience and the success at trial of their case involving a woman who was in an ambulance accident. The result? Their client will now receive the best care available to her for the rest of her life and they secured the largest single-verdict in the history of Louisiana.

Largest Louisiana Verdict

We were involved in what a lot of folks said is the largest single injury verdict in the history of Louisiana. People always want to ask us about it. “What happened?” “How’d you win?” “Why was there a trial?”

What we tell them is the reason there was a trial is because the company’s insurance companies would not take responsibility. We represented a woman who was catastrophically injured—injuries that no amount of money could make up for. We had to make sure that she would have medical care for the rest of her life—that she would have a support team around her to help take care of her. We had to help bring wrongdoers to justice.

Kurt Arnold Speaks on Meeting His Client

We were fortunate enough to represent that family following a terrible, terrible accident. I say fortunate because when they had initially hired us, she was unable to talk on her own, she was unable to sit up, and otherwise had no improvement. My co-counsel and I were shocked when the initial hospital wanted to discharge her to their house without the best care. We are fortunate at my firm to be in a position to ensure that our clients get the very best care. We were able to get that family into the best position possible where she was able to get the best treatment.

Jason Itkin on $117 Million Verdict

The insurance companies were unwilling to take care of her—they wanted to put her in a nursing home.

They didn’t want to give her the best care. Our clients all deserve the best care. So when they said your client has the choice between substandard care—which would probably mean an early death—or going forward to try to get the best, our legal team, along with our clients, decided that we would go for it. We tried a case in Louisiana that got a record-setting $117 million verdict.

Attorney Kurt Says Client’s Recover Was the Highlight

As a result of her getting the very best medical care, she regained use in one of her arms, her speech has improved, and her cognitive abilities are so much greater than when I first met my client. People talk about the verdict, but what is really cool about this case is that we were able to help her get better quickly. Whereas if they hadn’t had us, maybe some firms have the resources, but not all are able to say “We believe in you and we believe in this case, and we are willing to spend more than a million dollars to make sure you personally get the best medical care.”

Guess what? The defendant didn’t offer to pay for that medical care. Even though they had done wrong, they never tried to make it right. They never offered to pay for medical care. They wanted her to get shuffled home and otherwise not have the best care because they wanted to save money. To be able to be in a position to help her get back and improve with her family is an awesome thing and something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

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