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“Trucking companies have a responsibility to hire professionals. After all, they are putting tens of thousands of pounds of force on the road, and you need serious drivers that have the right qualifications and training. I will tell you, 99% of the time, that is not the case.
Kurt Arnold Founding Partner
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We Protect Truck Accident Victims' Rights

In a worldwide anonymous survey of truckers, over 50% admitted to taking drugs or drinking while driving. Considering that a truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds while traveling, that's terrifying. Truckers are often pushed to this because employers give drivers demanding schedules or incentives to drive past their rest period.

These practices are unacceptable—which is why our law firm fights so aggressively on behalf of truck accident victims.

Truckers and their employers have a federally-mandated obligation to keep the roads safe. That means increased training, regular maintenance, and accountability for drivers with a history of substance abuse or a poor driving record. When a company knowingly hires a driver with a poor safety record or encourages drivers to work without breaks, they become liable for the harm that occurs. It’s not enough for companies to offer condolences. They need to make real changes.

Arnold & Itkin fight for those changes. The unfortunate truth is that companies don’t change their practices unless their bank accounts hurt. Our work accomplishes two things: it provides for injured people’s medical bills and lost wages, and it motivates companies to write policies that help drivers keep you and us safe.

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