Truck Accidents

Fighting for Justice in Truck Accident Cases

Listen as Kurt and Jason describe their real-life experience in fighting for truck accident victims, showcasing the strategies that lead to record-breaking case results.

Real Stories & Proven Strategies

Jason Itkin

You can almost guarantee that the trucking company is taking active steps to try and hurt your chances of winning a lawsuit—that they’ve gotten private investigators in the field. That they’ve hired lawyers. That they are doing things to cover up what really happened. They do that because it’s systematic. It’s actually part of their policies and procedures for what to do when they hurt someone. 

Kurt Arnold

Unfortunately, people don’t find me when things are going great in life. It’s probably because something terrible has happened to you or your family. It is very important to act quickly. 

I recently had a case with Kim where her husband was severely burned by a large truck—and because he was burned, she didn’t want to do anything until she could get him out of the hospital. 

But that was going to be weeks and weeks and weeks.

Ultimately, she came to me. I met her whole family, all of the girls, and everything. I told her, “You need to worry about your husband. I’m going to worry about your case.”

I went out there with all my experts and preserved the scene. I ensured they didn’t destroy the black box, which contained all of the data in the trucking case. We were ultimately able to prove that the truck driver was both texting and eating a hamburger going past the speed limit—and a lot of that stuff would have disappeared had she not had the courage to let me go forward.

She said, “You know what you’re doing, Kurt.”

I still remember that.

I said, “I promise you, we know what we’re doing. We do this every day. You need to worry about your husband. You need to worry about your family. You need to get your girls back in school. All of the things you need to do—and I’m going to take care of your case.”

And we did.

We got the largest settlement in Texas history that year—and we did it in 10 months.

Because we told the court that this was an important case and meant everything to this family. The court gave us the fastest trial setting I’ve ever gotten. We literally moved the case along to the point that from the day the incident happened, she hired us a few weeks later, and we were able to get it all the way to trial in less than 10 months. We were going to pick the jury selection when they settled the case. 

That’s what we do.

Jason Itkin

One of the things that you want to make sure your lawyer has is experience dealing with trucking companies. We’ve had so many cases where people have been catastrophically injured and, in some cases, killed—because of that, we’ve seen almost every scenario you can imagine. We’ve seen all the different coverups. We’ve seen all the different tactics. We’ve seen all the different ways that they try to avoid responsibility. Because of that, and because we’ve had to overcome those things in the past, we have ways to combat that. It’s why, day after day, month after month, and year after year, we’ve been able to get our clients the very best results. A lot of people in the industry refer to it as the “AI Premium.” 

Because the companies that hurt people are usually the same companies, over and over again, the same insurance companies, and the same defense lawyers. So, what happens is these companies, when they are trying to figure out: “Should we settle the case? Should we try the case? If we’re going to offer a settlement, how much should we offer?” One of the first things they look at is, “Well, who is the victim represented by?” When they see that it’s us on the other side, they know that they’re going to have to pay what’s called the “AI Premium,” which is extra and above and beyond because if they don’t settle with us, then they’re going to face us in front of a judge or jury where we’re in our element. Where we’ve won records for the largest verdicts and largest settlements in multiple states as it relates to trucking cases.

We’re here for you. We’re here to help. We’re here to make it right.

Kurt Arnold

I know that, in your life, what you’re going through is the most stressful thing, frankly, that you’ll ever encounter—and it all comes together at one time. I want to take that off your back as best I can.

Every case is different, but we’ve seen the defense playbook in almost every type of case.

Let us navigate this for you.  

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