Truck Accidents

Who Is at Fault for the Truck Accident?

When it comes to trucking accidents, the large truck companies are almost always at fault. In this video, listen as we describe fault in these cases, as well as the importance of hiring an experienced lawyer to help you.

Determining Fault in Trucking Accidents

Jason Itkin

The trucking industry and these big companies in general and their insurance companies have for years come up with a game plan to avoid taking responsibility for what happens when a truck hits someone. So, what they do is when they get into accidents, they go immediately into cover-up mode.

In fact, most of these trucking companies are part of organizations that help them cover up accidents. They provide these trucking companies with literally a book. It is written down. It is kept in the truck to talk to the trucking companies about what to do if something happens.

There's instructions about what to say or not to say to a police officer. There's a camera in there, and they talk about the angle to take the pictures to make it look like the accident wasn't their fault. There's things that they're supposed to do in terms of how they talk to the person who's the victim to try to get them to admit that the accident wasn't the truck driver's fault but was actually the victim's fault.

Kurt Arnold

Truck accident companies try to minimize their risk, no matter what. It happens every single time. Literally, they anticipate that their truck drivers are going to be involved in serious incidents.

They have an instant response team that they call immediately to the scene to try to paint the evidence in a way that puts the trucking company in the best light—and their goal is to always shift blame from the trucking company to the victim. All of this is happening while you were probably in the hospital.

Jason Itkin

We have had the biggest results against trucking companies. We've taken on the biggest companies, from UPS to FedEx to trucking companies you may not have heard of, but we've taken them on. We know what they do, and we know how to beat them.

Kurt Arnold

We are very aggressive about understanding the truth right away, which is why it's important to call us quickly after an incident so that we can be your team on the ground, ensuring that the evidence is preserved and presented on your behalf to get you the right result.

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