Truck Accidents

What Should I Do After a Truck Accident?

In the time after a trucking accident, you are likely sitting around with a lot of questions. The truth, however, is that for every minute that you sit there, the trucking companies and the people responsible are working to cover things up. To ensure that your legal rights are protected, act fast by contacting a lawyer to help you.

What to Do After a Serious Truck Accident

Kurt Arnold

If you've been hurt in a truck accident, you need to understand your rights. You need to call Arnold & Itkin right now.

Jason Itkin

When someone has been injured in a truck accident, hiring a lawyer, hiring the right lawyer, hiring the best lawyer, is the most important thing, because you only get one chance to make sure that you get the best representation. If you get anything less than the best, you are not setting you or your family up for success.

The trucking companies, they keep files on who the lawyers are, who gets the best results, who gets the record-setting verdicts and settlements. They know immediately who your lawyer is and they size you and your claim up accordingly. So, in choosing a lawyer, it is so vitally important for you and your family to choose the very best.

When you find the combination of someone who knows the area of the law, who's done trucking cases, who's won trucking cases, someone who's got a track record of success of winning the biggest verdicts and settlements and someone who connects with their clients, whose clients trust them, then that is what you need. That's the type of lawyer you need, because this is too important to hire a mediocre lawyer.

This is too important to hire a “good” lawyer. You need the best.

Kurt Arnold

There's really only one choice. If you've been involved in a serious truck accident, you've got to get the lawyers that are treated seriously and demand respect for you against the trucking company.

And that's the only one choice.

That's our firm, Arnold & Itkin. No matter what.

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