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Billions of Dollars Recovered

Arnold & Itkin has represented injured people nationwide, recovering billions of dollars on their behalf. Watch this video to learn how and why that matters.

Record-Setting Results

Kurt Arnold

Our firm has had the best results in the past 10 years, hands down across the country. Let me tell you why results matter. When you consistently get the biggest verdicts and the biggest settlements across the country, defendants take notice. 

Jason Itkin

We work on the biggest, most high-profile cases in the country. 

When the Deepwater Horizon exploded, we represented more than a third of the crew. When the El Faro cargo ship sank with 33 people onboard, we represented the crew members. We got the biggest results. When Johnson & Johnson put out a drug that hurt little kids, we got an $8 billion verdict against them. One of the very largest verdicts in the history of the United States. We have the largest verdict in the history of Louisiana. The largest verdict in Hawaii. 

Kurt Arnold

It’s not luck. It’s not happenstance. When we go to mediation, when we go to court, defense lawyers say we get the AI premium. That means when they evaluate your case, they know Arnold & Itkin won’t take no for an answer. As a result, Arnold & Itkin cases get paid more than everybody else. 

Jason Itkin

It has been our firm leading the charge at the forefront. 

Going all the way back to BP Texas City, when that plant exploded. We were there. When the Marathon oil plant caught fire. When the Williams-Olefins plant exploded in Louisiana. It was only our clients that received millions and tens of millions of dollars. When the Kuraray plant exploded, hurting hundreds of people, it was our clients that got the record-setting settlements, the record-setting results, and got their cases resolved the fastest. 

The reason is because our firm is known as the very best. 

They know when they see Arnold & Itkin that they’re going to have to pay the maximum amount to our clients, or they’re going to go to trial—and if they go to trial, they are going to be in real trouble.

Kurt Arnold

Our results are more than $10 billion on behalf of our clients in the last 10 years. No one, no one in the country can say that. When we show up on your behalf, they know our firm. They know our track record. They know our results. Because of that, they take your case seriously.

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