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Jason Itkin Explains Drug Company Tactics

Most drug companies put drugs onto the market and get the FDA to approve drugs, without giving the FDA the full amount of information. They often withhold information about the safety studies they do and they often don’t turn over internal documents showing that a drug is not safe.

So, it should be no surprise that years after a drug comes onto the market and people are taking it, the side effects become known and people end up getting hurt. Drug companies are notorious for spending more money on marketing their drug, on turning on the television and advertising a drug trying to get you to think that you might be sick, that you might need a medicine, and that this medicine might help you.

What they don’t tell you and your doctor is about the side effects of those drugs. Because if they did, then those drugs might have never been approved by the FDA – they may never have been cleared.

Arnold & Itkin Fights to Hold Drug Companies Accountable

At our firm, we have dedicated an enormous amount of time, an enormous amount of resources, and an enormous amount of energy to uncover internal documents from some of the largest drug companies in the world, that have shown just exactly how they have done things to manipulate the science, to manipulate the doctors, and manipulate the government into letting them put their drugs on the market.

We’ve done this to help our clients who’ve been hurt by drugs, but also in the hope that we can make a change—make them more accountable to us—to make sure that the drugs they put out on the market are safe.

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