Handling Wrongful Death Cases

At our firm, we know how difficult it can be to deal with the loss of someone you love. We are committed to helping families get the answers they need with the supportive counsel that they deserve.

What to Expect for Cases Involving Wrongful Death

Unfortunately, we’ve gotten too many phone calls where a widow calls us—or maybe a mother who has lost her son—and all they know is that they’ve gotten a phone call from the company, or someone’s shown up at their door. They hear “We’ve got bad news. You need to sit down: your son’s not coming back” or “Your husband’s not coming back.” That’s all they know—or that’s all the company will tell them. The first thing people want when they call us is they want to know why their son or husband was killed, and how to prevent that in the future. They want answers.

When we get involved, the first thing we do is get answers for you. Like a crime investigation, we go out and visit the scene. We take evidence, we interview the witnesses, we track down witnesses that might’ve been dismissed from the company to figure out what really went on.

When we get involved, we get you the answers.

Then we say, “Let us take over.” You worry about taking care of your family and grieving right now; let us worry about dealing with the people calling you. Let us worry about OSHA, or the government investigation that wants a statement. Let us worry about tracking down the witnesses before the company gets to them. Let us worry about getting the experts involved to figure out what happened and how we can prevent it from happening again by making the company accountable. Most importantly, let us help make sure you are taken care of for the rest of your life.

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They made me feel very secure…They were looking out for my best interests, and they cared about the things that were going on with me.”
-Deepwater Horizon Crew Member