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I went to law school because I wanted to help people. That was what got me to law school. I quickly learned that I love being in the courtroom and I love being a plaintiffs' lawyer. And I love helping families.

I can tell you that I go to work every day, and I love it.

When I was in law school, I just didn't know that there were people who do what we do at Arnold & Itkin. That you get to work on these really important cases, that you get tons of experience. You get to actually, as a first-year lawyer, be in court trying a case in front of a jury, asking questions of a witness, doing important things in a trial right away. And that it was a compensation structure that lets me bet on myself.

What I tell young lawyers that come talk to me is, "You've got to discover what it is that you love to do." You're representing a person. You're representing someone who at their very most in need who is counting on you to help them.

It was like a kid having a bully, and someone steps in and stands up to that bully and said that "No, you're not going to bully this person no more." They step in and they help you.

What I like to do is I like to hire lawyers that I like, that are smart, that are aggressive, that have empathy for real people. Because if you don't have empathy for real people, then you shouldn't apply to our firm. The lawyers at our firm—they're not writing memos and carrying somebody else's briefcase to court. They are actually doing the work, carrying their own briefcase to court, trying important lawsuits in courthouses all across the country on behalf of families.

You've got to help real people from their worst situations. You've got to stabilize and take care of them. And then you've got to be aggressive. If you're a lawyer at our firm, you're not representing a giant insurance company. You're not representing a Fortune 100 company. You're representing a family. Go to our website.

Take a look at our results, but maybe even more importantly, go watch some of the testimonials of our clients, and listen to what they have to say about how our work help them:

  • "They are there for you, they have your back. They will go above and beyond, and you just might be surprised, in the end, of what they're capable of."
  • "I was able to actually witness them in court. You know, they went in there like straight bulldogs and they won."
  • "I had my bicycle stolen when I was, like, eight years old, and I remember my mom going to get it back. I felt like that again. 'Yeah Mom, you got my bicycle back!' Y'know, nobody will do that for you. Then I grow up, all this happens to me, and Kurt gets up there, or Jason's talking for me, and like 'Yeah, what he said!'"
  • "See, I told him, that like 'Kurt, you're my hero, you're my knight in shining armor.' Because that's how I feel towards him, you know, like he's there to protect me. I feel so safe, you know."
  • "Made you feel like family around here. Which is exactly what...on the Horizon, we were a very tight family, and it was very comforting to come here and get that same feeling."

We work a lot harder. We work harder. The demands are higher because the expectations are higher because what we do actually matters. If we lose, a family loses.

My husband, who was a merchant seaman, died at sea. Drowned. And I needed someone experienced enough to get answers for the families of the crew members.

Working at our firm's not for everybody. Most of my young lawyers that are even just a couple years out of school have tried multiple seven-figure verdicts, tried lots of cases to juries, and that sets them apart from their peers. If you do a good job, your pay is essentially unlimited.

I think we've got the best plaintiffs' firm in the country. I think our results show it. And we're young, and we're aggressive. We work very hard, but we're a family, and I love trying cases with other young lawyers. We're not run by a committee of 70-year-old men sitting at the top, you know, of some giant downtown office building making decisions. When we make decisions, we all sit around a table, and we discuss it. And we come up with a way to go forward. Everybody gets a voice—doesn't matter if you been here a month or you've been here ten years.

If someone would have told me that you could do what we do when I was in law school, I would have signed up immediately. And you know, for me it's the only job I have ever wanted. It's the only job I'll ever do. Our firms the best place to work. And I think that if you asked all of our lawyers, to a person they'd tell you the same thing. It is rewarding personally, rewarding financially. It's a job that you just can't find anywhere else.

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