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Joining the AI Team

Trying a case before a jury is a weight and a privilege. In this video, Kurt and Jason speak directly to every lawyer and legal staffer who wants to do work that matters for those who need it most. If you want to be a part of life-changing, industry-shaking cases, this firm is the place for you.

What It's Like Working at Arnold & Itkin

Jason Itkin

Everywhere we go, we’ve set records for verdicts. We’ve set records for settlements. We’ve won the biggest results in multiple states. Right now, we’re breaking records and helping people who’ve been catastrophically injured—whether they’ve been burned, whether they’ve lost a limb, whether they’ve been paralyzed, or whether unfortunately they’ve been killed. People turn to us from all over the country to get answers.

Our records and our track record speaks for itself. There’s not another firm that if you compare our results to their results that their results are going to hold up to ours. Especially over the last 10 years.

Kurt Arnold

I don’t care how hard you think you work or what firm you came from, you’re going to work much harder here. Not twice as hard. Because hard work always wins. We hire people who are very aggressive. Who are competitive. Who have an edge to them. They have that “it” factor.

Jason Itkin

They’ve got something that says, “We will not give up. We will fight tirelessly. We will not stop until it’s right. No matter what.” One thing is consistent. They do not lose. No matter what.

Adam Lewis

Everybody here is like-minded. Goal-oriented. We all want the same outcome: To get justice for our clients.

Ben Bireley

The best part of working at Arnold & Itkin, and the reason that I just love coming to work here every day, is every time I come into the office, I get a chance to make a really big impact on somebody’s life.

Victoria Alford

Working around all of the talented attorneys and staff at Arnold & Itkin is really inspiring. It makes you want to be a better attorney or better at your job. It makes you want to do better for your clients. We’re all pushing each other to really be the best that we can be.

Claudia Martinez

It’s also learning something new every day. No matter how many years of experience you have, you’re still learning something new.

Samantha Demuren

To me, Arnold & Itkin is a place where I think I’m at my highest in terms of practice in law.

Caj Boatright

Arnold & Itkin is a different firm because of the relentless pursuit that Kurt and Jason drive to represent our clients in the most effective and most aggressive way possible every day. It’s something that really never stops.

Kurt Arnold

We work on teams at our firm. Every case has multiple lawyers, multiple paralegals, and an assistant working on the case together. We all work together as a team. We’re all trying to get the best result for our client.

Jason Itkin

At our firm, we have people from all different backgrounds, all different walks of life, all different ways of approaching a problem.

Caj Boatright

We have a mindset here where we really will not take no for an answer.

Claire Traver

We have an awesome team full of really energetic and excited lawyers and paralegals and legal secretaries who will go above and beyond to help our clients get the results that they need.

Cory Itkin

You can’t teach talent, skill, empathy, and caring. The people who work here have that in spades.

Noah Wexler

It doesn’t matter what team you’re on or what role you play here, we all have the same focus and the same goal. Everybody’s here to help our clients and help move these cases forward—to hopefully reach a resolution that will help families and individuals who’ve been seriously hurt.

Victoria Alford

This is my second home. It’s the place that I love and I’m passionate about the people who work here. They’re my family. Kurt and Jason are my family. This is my home.

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