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In almost every situation, I have a client who—through no fault of their own—is in a bad spot. And they didn’t do it, the company did.

Growing up, I always hated bullies. I like to ensure that my clients aren’t being bullied, and so I tell them from the first day I meet them: “I’m with you. I’ve got you. You don’t need to worry about this. Give it to me, let me put it on my back.” I make sure their life is taken care of. So when I hear a lawyer or a claims person mistreat my client or try to starve them out, scare them, take advantage of them, that really pisses me off.

Being the lawyer in court where it’s one lawyer vs. the army of lawyers, I love that. It’s David vs. Goliath. And as [the jury] starts reading and you start winning, your client starts winning, and they look over you and there’s tears because the jury cares and want to help…I love that feeling.

I still get Christmas cards from nearly all my clients every year. Seeing that happiness in their family and knowing where they came from after the accident…it’s one of the best things I do.