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One Chance to Hire the Right Lawyer

Who you choose to represent you in your case may be the most important decision that you make. We encourage you to make sure that you take the time to pick the right attorney to represent you.

When something bad has happened, it is vitally important to have a lawyer who can actually go down to the courthouse and try a lawsuit. Most lawyers, and a lot of people don’t know this, but most lawyers don’t actually try cases.

It is something you should ask lawyers:

  • Tell me about the last 5 cases you tried. The last 10 cases you tried.
  • What’s your track record?
  • How many cases have you won that have been over $1 million?
  • Have you ever won a case over $100 million?

These are questions to ask your lawyer about whether or not they try cases. Because you can bet the companies on the other side—the insurance companies? You can bet they’ve done their research and they know. We’ve been offered lowball amounts to settle a case. Completely unacceptable amounts. But the company, for whatever reason, has dug in and said “We’re not going to pay to settle this case. We’re not going to offer more to settle this case.” The advantage that we have if they say that to us is that it’s fine. We can go down to the courthouse and try a case. We’ve had cases where people have offered us $10,000 to settle and we ended up with verdicts of $1 million, of $5 million, of $10 million.

Lowball settlements don’t intimidate us. They motivate us.

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