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Railroad & Train Accidents

At Arnold & Itkin, we take complex cases, like those involving train accidents, personally. We fight with everything we have to make it right for our clients—and we have the track record of results to prove it.

We Take Railroad Cases Personally

Jason Itkin

We were hired by the father of a young girl who lost her mother and ended up being paralyzed at the age of five when a train struck her mother's vehicle on the train tracks. Instead of the train company doing the right thing and taking responsibility for this tragic loss of life, saying, "This was a dangerous crossing," they sued the estate of a dead mother, they sued a paralyzed five-year-old girl, because they damaged their train.

When her dad looked at me and said, "We've been sued. What do we do?" There's only one thing we can do, and that's fight—fight no matter what to make it right.

Kurt Arnold

When someone disrespects my client and somehow tries to make their injury their fault, I take that personally. Because when they are going after my clients, I take that like they're going after me.

Jason Itkin

We fought them tooth and nail. We figured out why they didn't put up lights and gates at this railroad crossing, even though there'd been prior accidents there, even though there've been prior deaths there. It was all because of money. It's this company that makes billions of dollars a year. They refused to settle. We tried the case.

We got the largest verdict against a railroad company that they'd ever had to date, and we eventually got them to put lights and gates up at that spot.

No matter what these companies try to do, no matter how they try to cover up, it's my responsibility. Because without me there fighting for them, they would've lost the case, they would've been sued. They would've been in just unbelievably dire straits. Instead, my clients—my friends now—the little girl was taken care of, the company was held responsible, and the way we fixed that railroad crossing made sure that it wouldn't happen to another family.

Kurt Arnold

When they deny or they don't want to pay a serious incidence that happened to my client, you need somebody that's going to take that very personally.

Jason Itkin

Individuals and families hire me to help them when they've been hurt or when someone's been killed. That's what I do, and I handle cases throughout the United States. I don't represent companies, I don't represent insurance companies. My job is to help people. It's my mission.

Kurt Arnold

You need somebody that's going to take your cause, your life, personally! I've been here before. I've been in this trench. I've fought this battle. I've fought this defendant—and we've won over and over and they know it. I tell clients, "Do not worry anymore. I've got you. No matter what."

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