The Danger of Clogged Fuel Injectors

Fuel injectors are a primary fixture in large diesel trucks out on the road. When one of these small fuel injectors gets clogged within a vehicle, it can generate disastrous results. A healthy fuel injector in a diesel truck will spray a pattern from five orifice spray jets at its tip. The fuel will travel neatly into a cylinder. If one of the five spray tips becomes clogged with refuse, gravel, or any other substance, it can alter the spray pattern. System Engineering and Laboratories (S.E.A.L.) says that this can make the atomized spray pattern turn into a 27,000 psi power washer.

Once the fuel injector is spraying in a different direction, this can clean oil off the walls of the cylinder. As a result, the walls will heat up, and this will result in a loss of compression. At the same time, the new spray pattern may cause liquids to hit the piston and cut a hole through it. As you can imagine, this brings on serious complications which can affect the whole vehicle and even cause an accident.

If the fuel injector’s mechanical valve is clogged, it may not shut off when necessary. Because of this, there is a chance that the cylinder will be flooded with fuel. When this happens, the fuel will flood into the oil compartment. If you use a dipstick to check your car’s oil, you will notice that it is higher than ever before. Unfortunately, this is because the oil and fuel are mixing together, which can be incredibly dangerous.

The Importance of Using Up Diesel Fuel

Diesel fuel deteriorates quickly, so it is essential that it is used up frequently. The deterioration is not a problem in a car that is functioning properly, but if the fuel makes its way into another compartment, it can cause engine damage and affect pump ability. As well, it may make the car highly combustible. Studies show that about 8 out of every 10 diesel engine failures are because of contaminated fuel.

The fuel doesn’t necessarily have to be contaminated when it flows from the gas pump in order for this to happen. There are times that contaminants in the fuel will develop as the liquid grows stagnant. Eventually, it is these contaminants that can clog or create a buildup in filters or fuel injectors. The contaminants can also affect fuel pump wear and diesel engine damage. If these problems are not fixed quickly, the contaminated fuel can even cause corrosion within the body of the car and cause fuel to leak onto the ground.

When the fuel injector is clogged, this can also cause it to cease spraying altogether. As a result, the truck will have a “missing” cylinder. This will cause the engine to sound rough and act temperamental. At first, a truck may function with a dead cylinder, but eventually the low to non-existent compression in the cylinders will break down the vehicle. Fuel injectors need to work properly in order to assure drivers that their vehicle is safe and functioning at full capacity.

Our Truck Accident Lawyers Have Won Over $1 Billion for Injured Clients

If you were harmed in an automobile accident that can be rooted back to a clogged fuel injector, then you need to call a truck accident attorney at Arnold & Itkin immediately. The dedicated attorneys at this firm can help you with any truck accident claim that you might have. Whether you believe that your truck was not properly maintained, or you are under the impression that a commercial truck accident was not your fault, you need representation to help.

As a truck driver, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation after one of these accidents. In addition, you may be able to prove that your company was negligent because they provided you with a defective vehicle with a clogged fuel injector. Proving negligence means you may have access to resources to help you recover.

At Arnold & Itkin, our experienced truck accident attorneys are committed to helping injured victims get the compensation they deserve. Personal injury law protects the victims of negligence, allowing them access to resources they need for medical bills, food, shelter, and even loss of income. Our courtroom tactics have been developed over a lifetime's worth of trial cases, allowing us to secure over $1 billion for injured victims in the last 5 years alone.

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