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Crew Members Left in the Path of Hurricane Zeta Deserve Answers

In October of 2020, Hurricane Zeta was making its way toward the Gulf Coast. Directly in its path was the Deepwater Asgard. Despite being aware of the approaching danger and appeals from the crew to leave, the companies in charge of the drilling rig declined to allow it to move out of the storm’s path. This meant that the crew was left to the mercy of Mother Nature as the storm battered Deepwater Asgard.

What the crew of this vessel had to endure wasn’t just dangerous—it was cruel.

No companies should place their employees in direct danger. Profits are never worth risking lives, and they’re certainly not worth ignoring common sense. If you were on the Deepwater Asgard as she struggled in the conditions brought by Hurricane Zeta, helps is available. Arnold & Itkin is already representing multiple crew members who were present on the rig that day. We’re fighting to demand answers for the physical and emotional injuries that they suffered that day. We’re ready to do the same for you.

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What Happened on the Deepwater Asgard During Hurricane Zeta

As Hurricane Zeta approached the Gulf Coast, the captain of Deepwater Asgard started the process of leaving the path of the storm. Despite warnings that Zeta—then a tropical storm—was gathering strength, suits onshore ordered the drilling rig to remain where it was. As conditions worsened, Asgard’s captain finally gave the orders to detach it from its well and flee "with no destination in mind." However, it was too late. Hurricane Zeta started to batter the drilling rig, causing it to take on water at one point. Multiple workers sustained injuries, and many of them sustained emotional trauma that forced them to question if they can continue working offshore.

“They lost power to some of the thrusters and didn’t have complete control at that point. So, you’re really getting tossed around in a hurricane. It’s a very, very serious and very scary situation to be in when you don’t have control of your ship and you’ve got a storm that you’re right in the middle of like that.” - Caj Boatright

What happened to the Deepwater Asgard is not unlike the El Faro. In 2015, this cargo ship sailed into a storm, causing it to sink. Had the El Faro’s operator had more concern for its employees, it could have sent them around the storm. In the case of the Deepwater Asgard, only blind luck stopped it from being a similar tragedy.

One of the El Faro Families Speaks About the Accident

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Why What Happened with the Deepwater Asgard Is Unacceptable

Many people associate offshore accidents with the disasters that make headlines. This is for good reason—accidents like the Deepwater Horizon disaster make headlines because of the destruction, death, and injuries they cause. Yet, companies shouldn’t be allowed to escape accountability because they were lucky enough to have their negligence result in a near-miss instead of a headline-making catastrophe.

Even when incidents don’t make the evening news, they take an unfair toll on offshore workers.

Negligence by large companies still takes a toll of workers through things such as:

Companies are required to protect workers from all types of offshore injuries. In the case of the Deepwater Asgard, Transocean and Beacon had the opportunity to do the right thing. Instead, they chose to gamble with the safety of their workers. Now, the workers who weathered the storm are dealing with the steepest consequences.

Holding negligent companies accountable for offshore incidents like this doesn’t just punish them for failing workers, it helps prevent similar events from happening again.

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Arnold & Itkin is already representing several crew members from the Deepwater Asgard. Our maritime lawyers are trusted because of their experience handling major cases. We represented the most survivors from the Deepwater Horizon disaster, refusing to allow the massive companies responsible for it treat our clients unfairly. We also helped grieving widows find a path forward after the El Faro sank. In short, we’re ready to help you because we’ve defeated the largest offshore companies over and over. Our team is already representing multiple members of the Deepwater Asgard crew, and we're aggressively investigating the incident to determine what went wrong. We know what our clients are up against, and we never back down on their behalf.

If you were on the Deepwater Asgard during Hurricane Zeta, call our oil rig accident lawyers today at (888) 493-1629.

Common Questions

  • What Companies Are Involved with the Deepwater Asgard?

    Transocean and Beacon were involved with the Deepwater Asgard’s operations at the time of Hurricane Zeta.

  • What Type of Claim Is Possible After the Deepwater Asgard Incident?

    When offshore workers sustain injuries, they are protected by a law known as the Jones Act. In short, this law helps make sure workers can pursue negligent offshore employers for the compensation they need after an accident. If you sustained injuries during the *Deepwater Asgard’s *encounter with Hurricane Zeta, you might be able to file a Jones Act claim. This includes injuries that are physical as well as emotional.

  • Can I Be Blacklisted for Filing an Offshore Injury Claim?

    No, you cannot be blacklisted for filing an offshore injury claim. While there are rumors that companies blacklist workers for holding them accountable, there’s no proof that such a list exists. Moreover, this practice is illegal.
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