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Tornado Insurance Claims in Texas

Have You Suffered Severe Damage from a Tornado?

Many tornadoes do not reach wind speeds of more than 110 mph, but some can reach around 300 mph. Tornadoes have been the subject of many horror and drama films because of the devastating effects they leave behind. Their characteristic appearance is a long funnel that stretches down from cumulonimbus clouds and reaches the ground. Tornadoes are most prone to occur in what has been nicknamed the "tornado alley" of the United States. This region is made up mostly of the area between the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains, or the Great Plains.

Depending on the type of tornado that your property encounters, the damages will vary. One type of tornado is the supercell tornado, and it is also the most dangerous. This is a type of prolonged thunderstorm that turns into a low positioned tornado. Landspouts are another common type of tornado. Although they carry less speed than supercells, they produce what is known as a "gust front" with incredibly high winds. Tornadoes can occur almost anywhere, but many are seen in Texas every year and can cause homeowners thousands of dollars in damages.

Understanding the Fujuita Scale

When you rate a tornado by the damage it causes, you go off of what is known as a Fujita scale. For example, one tornado may be larger in scale than another, but still cause less damage. The one that causes the most damage will be ranked higher on the Fujita scale. Also a factor in determining intensity and damage is the length of time the tornado persisted. More than 80 percent of all tornadoes in the United States are considered weak tornadoes, but it only takes one intense tornado to do extensive damage to your property. If your home, business or other property was damaged or obliterated by a tornado then you will likely look to your insurance provider for help.

In the event that your insurance provider does not come through for you, be sure to contact our firm.

At Arnold & Itkin, we have helped countless people recover the damage claims that are rightfully theirs after their homes were destroyed by tornadoes. The thing with natural disasters is that unfortunately, nothing can be done to stop them. This makes how the damages are dealt with after the storm even more important. Insurance companies are often people's only hope after their property was damaged by a natural disaster. In the event that your insurance company isn't coming through for your first party insurance claim, be sure to contact a lawyer from our firm.

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