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Since they’re out of sight, natural gas lines are often out of mind. Yet, there are millions of miles of them laid throughout the nation. Natural gas lines keep our homes comfortable, make cooking simple, and help propel industry from coast to coast. Though we rarely think of them, preventable natural gas explosions serve as grim reminders that these important parts of our nation’s energy infrastructure need to be handled responsibly.

When a natural gas line explodes, it’s sometimes because the company responsible for maintaining the line—and that makes profits from it—was negligent. At times, gas lines erupt because companies neglected to update aging pipes. Other times, they may fail to provide workers with the proper training or equipment to keep them safe on the job. When a natural gas line explosion happens, survivors and victims' families deserve to know why.

If you’ve been seriously injured or have lost someone you love because of a natural gas explosion, help is available. Our natural gas explosion lawyers at Arnold & Itkin have recovered billions of dollars for our clients, and we’re ready to help you find the answers that you deserve.

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Investigating Explosions So Our Clients Can Heal

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Why Natural Gas Explosions Are Serious

Natural gas lines are everywhere. They’re aboveground, zig-zag underground, and even run through water to bring a constant supply of gas as needed. Since they’re under pressure, have multiple connection points, and carry a highly volatile substance, accidents involving natural gas lines are typically catastrophic.

Gas explosions are severe because they cause:

After a natural gas explosion, the dangers for everyone involved and those unlucky enough to be nearby have only begun. These explosions trigger great fires that feed off the pressurized gas that continues to come through the remnants of the damaged pipeline. When emergency responders and crews respond to broken gas lines, they have to be incredibly careful to take the right steps to avoid worsening the situation.

Injuries caused by natural gas explosions can be devastating and life-changing. Besides being painful, these catastrophic injuries can take years to recover from and, even after recovery, can negatively impact the rest of a person's life.

Lines aren't the only things at risk of an explosion because of natural gas. Workers in the energy exploration and extraction industry face dangers each day from natural gas well explosions. Natural gas is a great source of fuel because of how quickly and hot it burns—two qualities that make working around gas wells especially dangerous. Companies must train workers thoroughly and ensure that wells are safe and stable for them to work around.

One of the most dangerous times to be near a natural gas well is while one is being capped. During this process, the slightest spark can ignite a hot, raging fire that can take days to extinguish. Gas well explosions and fires require special response crews and create incredibly dangerous working conditions for those who are tasked with putting them out and capping the well.

Recent Natural Gas Explosion: Collin County Blast (June 2021)

At about 3:30 pm on June 28, 2021, two workers lost their lives, and two others were injured when a natural gas pipeline exploded near Farmersville in Collin County, Texas. According to the Farmersville Chief of Police, the gas line was being serviced by contractors for Atmos Energy when the explosion occurred. The deceased victims were a 22-year-old from Mesquite and a 35-year-old from El Campo. The Collin County Sheriff's Office stated that two of the contractors were employees of Bobcat Contracting and Fesco Petroleum Engineering. The others were Atmos Energy subcontractors. The two injured workers were hospitalized after the Farmersville explosion.

A resident described the explosion, which she witnessed from her home at the edge of the property. She said, "It lasted as long as a gunshot would." The cause of this Collin County gas explosion has yet to be determined.

A Possible Natural Gas Explosion in Plano, TX (July 2021)

Just weeks after the explosion mentioned above, a home exploded in Plano. The blast injured six people, including three children. At the time of this writing, it's uncertain if natural gas triggered the accident and officials haven't released the condition of those who are injured. However, reports have indicated that officials from Atmos are at the scene of the leveled home. If this explosion turns out to be related to Atmos Energy, it's the second serious explosion involving the company in just three weeks.

The Natural Gas Well Explosion in St. Mary Parish, LA

On May 25, 2021, authorities reported that at least eight people sustained injuries during an explosion at a natural gas well in the Gulf Coast. The incident occurred at a St. Mary Parish, Louisiana oil well in the Belle Island Field. Conditions for the accident were set just a few days before it happened. On May 23, crews were trying to plug a well when it "got away from them." They called in Wild Well Control to assist with the situation.

Investigators have yet to determine what ignited the well, triggering the Louisiana explosion two days after help was called in to control it. Early reports indicated that two patients were airlifted to the hospital. It was later confirmed that two more people were transported via boat and that four individuals declined treatment. All of those taken to the hospital were sent to area burn centers.

We've Helped Hundreds of Oil & Gas Workers

Through the years, our natural gas explosion attorneys have represented good people who have had their lives turned upside down by catastrophes. With these cases, we fight for the answers survivors and victims' families deserve, with the intention of holding negligent companies accountable for their wrongdoing. Our attorneys believe in going above and beyond for every client, because that's what it takes to see justice served. 

"They're fighting for these little people that can’t handle themselves when a giant comes. Almost like the David and Goliath. It’s amazing thing to see. I would recommend them to anybody, I mean anybody.” 
— Shawn Thomas

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At Arnold & Itkin, we have experience taking on the largest companies after they’ve failed to protect workers. In fact, we’ve recovered billions of dollars for clients by never backing down from a fight, stepping up when a case gets tough, and making sure the other side can't use an army of lawyers to escape accountability.

As a Houston-based personal injury firm, we operate in the heart of America’s energy industry. We've helped clients throughout the nation, from the Texas/Louisiana Gulf Coast to the nation's inland oilfields. We are prepared to help people who have been harmed in pipeline explosions from Farmersville to Collin County, across Texas, and throughout the country. We know oil and gas companies, we know how they try to escape accountability, and we’re ready to fight on your behalf to level the playing field.

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Common Questions

  • How Common Are Natural Gas Explosions?

    According to a report from FracTracker alliance, there were over 5,512 pipeline incidents in the United States between 2010 and 2018. These accidents injured 596 people and killed 126 more. Of these incidents, 291 involved explosions and 818 were pipeline fires. Natural gas explosions are not an everyday occurrence, but they occur more frequently than one might guess. When they do occur, they can cause extreme devastation.

  • What Can Cause a Natural Gas Explosion?

    There are over 2.7 million miles of pipeline in the United States. While most of them are safe, their stability relies on the companies that oversee them. Improper maintenance, inadequate training, and other oversights frequently–and unfairly–place workers and others near natural gas lines at risk. In other words, companies that maintain gas lines and work near them may be responsible for mistakes or decisions that cause natural gas explosions.

  • Can Natural Gas Lines Explode?

    The short answer is yes, natural gas lines can explode. They carry a pressurized gas mixture that’s primarily made of methane, along with ethane, propane, and butane. If the pressure in a gas line becomes too great, if a leak occurs, or if the gas in a pipeline comes into contact with an ignition source, the result may be an explosion that can quite literally rock an entire city block. That’s what happened on September 13, 2018, when a series of gas explosions and fires in Boston forced the evacuation of 30,000 people from their homes. One person was killed. Natural gas lines don’t explode every day, but when they do, they can cause serious and widespread harm.

  • Is Natural Gas a High Explosive?

    About 70 to 90 percent methane, natural gas is a high explosive when it is combined with enough oxygen and meets an ignition source. Its flammability range is 5 to 15 percent, which means that when that amount of natural gas is exposed to the air and an ignition source, it will combust. This deadly combination can cause a natural gas explosion like the one in Collin County near Farmersville, Texas. In the afternoon of June 28, 2021, two workers were killed and two were injured when the natural gas pipeline they were working on exploded.

  • What Can a Houston Natural Gas Explosion Attorney Help to Recover?

    Our lawyers help people recover losses associated with their accidents. We investigate every aspect of a case to make sure our clients are being treated fairly, obtain justice, and have the financial stability required to move forward after a devastating accident. We often recover compensation for damages such as medical debt, pain and suffering, cost of future care, lost wages, property damages, and more. Importantly, it’s only possible to understand what recovery options are available for you after calling for help. Every case is different, and we’re ready to help you discover what options are available to you.
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