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Arnold & Itkin Files Lawsuit for Survivor of Crosby KMCO Plant Explosion

The chemical plant explosion lawyers at Arnold & Itkin have just filed a claim on behalf of a plant explosion survivor. Our client was severely injured when the KMCO plant exploded the morning of April 2 in Crosby, Texas. The explosion left him in severe pain and mental anguish, physically impaired, and permanently disfigured.

The explosion and subsequent fire, which occurred about 25 miles northeast of Houston, killed at least one person and severely injured our client and one other person. Witnesses at the scene of the blast say they detected a leak of isobutelyne, a highly flammable gas, shortly before the explosion. The fire from the explosion burned until the late afternoon, prompting authorities to issue a shelter-in-place order for a one-mile radius around the plant. A thick plume of black smoke spread from the plant all day, spreading dangerous toxins in the air.

In our lawsuit, we’ll prove that KMCO failed to properly train its employees, failed to provide adequate equipment, failed to maintain a safe work environment, and failed in numerous other ways that led directly to the explosion on Tuesday morning. We’ll fight to give our client the best possible future, now that his career and his mobility have been severely impaired.

As worker safety advocates, our duty is to make sure survivors and their families are adequately cared for. We have helped workers recover from some of the worst industrial disasters of the last decade, and in nearly every incident, workers were knowingly put at risk by company policy. Our sincere hope is to shine a light on the practices that put our client’s life at risk and compel KMCO LLC (and companies like it) to change.

The case was filed in Harris County, Texas.

To learn more about the issues our client and other employees faced, read on. If you or a loved one were injured in the Crosby KMCO explosion, call us at (888) 493-1629 as soon as possible.

Past Safety Issues at the Crosby KMCO Plant

In a recent Houston Chronicle article, reporters revealed that the KMCO LLC plant in Crosby has long been an environmental and employee hazard. The public’s trouble with the chemical plant began in 1987 when the company was found to have violated the Texas Water Code. Over the last 10 years, the plant has been responsible for injuring seven workers and accruing millions of dollars in fines.

This explosion is only the latest of multiple incidents at the plant. On Christmas Eve 2010, a reactor explosion led to hospitalization for three workers. Less than a year later, another explosion sent two more workers to the hospital. Combined with the explosion on Tuesday morning, there has been one fatality and seven critical injuries at the KMCO plant due to explosions alone.

New Owners, Same Troubles

The KMCO LLC plant houses chemicals used to produce brake fluid, antifreeze, and other industrial products. In 2015, KMCO LLC was bought by the Owner Resource Group, bringing the plant under the Austin-based company’s ownership. However, the change in ownership has not inspired confidence in Harris County officials.

“As long as I’ve been doing environmental work for Harris County, I’ve been involved in case with this company, either with the previous owner or the current owner,” said Managing Attorney for the Harris County Attorney’s environmental section Rock Owens. “This company has been around forever causing trouble.”

Plant owners and supervisors have a duty to keep workers safe; one of their most important duties is ensuring that their workplace is as safe as possible from sudden combustion. Our KMCO plant explosion attorneys are eager to investigate the cause of this accident and get our client the care he deserves. Whatever our client stands to lose because of his injuries, we believe the at-fault parties should pay for it—and our firm will do whatever it takes to ensure the law holds them responsible.


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