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Being in an accident is a catastrophic, life-changing event. Physically, accidents can leave us severely injured. Financially, accidents rob us of stability. Emotionally, accidents rob us of our peace of mind. At Arnold & Itkin, our job is to ensure clients have everything they need while recovering, from getting quality medical care to recouping lost wages. Our Port Arthur personal injury attorneys have represented offshore workers left scarred and injured by explosions at sea, truck accident victims from all walks of life, and more. In total, our firm has won $20 billion in verdicts and settlements for clients. Each result we’ve won has allowed our clients to rebuild their lives, get treatment, and move forward with hope.

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Fighting to Get the Best Results

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Helping People Recover from Life-Changing Accidents

At Arnold & Itkin, we have represented victims of some of the highest-profile accidents in history. From crew members of the Deepwater Horizon to victims of the BP Texas City refinery explosion, our track record speaks for itself. When you turn to us, you're not just getting attorneys; you’re getting proven courtroom warriors who know how to get results.

Ultimately, results only matter if clients can pay for medical care, recoup lost wages, and rebuild. Our duty is to examine each client’s injuries to determine lifetime cost. By committing all of our resources to investigating the accident and its impact on our client, we’re able to build stronger cases and give our clients a better chance of recovering.

Port Arthur Industrial Accident Attorneys

For most of this century, industrial power came at a price. Severe injuries and death became common in the American workplace. As a result, America’s industrial workers fought for improved conditions, believing they deserved to earn a living without risking their ability to return home to their families safely. All workers still need that assurance, even today.

Today, industrial accidents happen at locations such as the following in Port Arthur:

Though improvements were made, some companies still neglect the importance of workplace safety. These companies must be held accountable when their methods cause disaster for those who work hard for them. More importantly, workers injured in factory accidents, oil refinery accidents, and plant accidents need to be justly compensated. 

Injuries Caused by Industrial Accidents in Port Arthur

Industrial jobs often involve dangerous materials, heavy machinery, and other hazards, so the injuries that occur vary. However, the root causes usually come down to a few factors: poor training, poor maintenance, or lack of safety equipment. Whatever the cause, industrial injuries are often severe, and their repercussions may even last for a lifetime.

Common industrial injuries include the following:

The most intimidating effect of these injuries is not always just the immense pain they inflict. Often, those suffering catastrophic injuries caused by industrial accidents incur crippling medical debt while recovering from their accident. Employers who have caused a worker to be injured through negligence must pay for these costs. 

When they don’t do it voluntarily, our Port Arthur industrial injury lawyers step in.

Worker Safety Is Protected by the Law

The struggle of American workers for a safe work environment culminated in a set of sweeping regulations passed in 1970. Known as the Occupational Safety and Health Act, also referred to as OSH Act of 1970, these laws placed new requirements on employee safety that employers must follow. Specifically, these laws set out to increase the amount of education the common worker possessed so they could help maintain a safe work environment.

While this law changed the landscape, some employers still fail to follow it. If you’ve reported problems to your supervisor, then they may be responsible for your injuries. They are responsible for taking note of your reports and fixing any safety hazards. If they do not fix this problem, they are liable for the losses caused by an industrial accident. The same applies if you are fired, demoted, or otherwise penalized for reporting unsafe conditions at work. If this happened to you, our Port Arthur industrial injury law firm may be able to expose this misconduct and help you recoup your losses.

Billions Won for Clients, Including Plant, Refinery & Factory Workers

Our Port Arthur work injury attorneys have helped clients nationwide. We have worked with hundreds of clients dealing with the aftermath of accidents at chemical plants, oil refineries, factories, and more. Similarly, we have helped clients recover from burn injuries, broken bones, the loss of senses such as hearing, and other life-altering injuries. 

Our record is full of stories of holding large companies responsible, such as when we represented a man who suffered a severe burn in a refinery fire. Initially, his employers refused to pay for his compensation and refused to help. We took on the case, though, and tenaciously fought for the outcome that he deserved. Ultimately, we settled the case for $97 million.

Other examples of our firm’s victories in industrial accident cases:

  • $117 million recovered for a group of clients who were seriously injured in a plant explosion.
  • $87 million for a young refinery worker who suffered from life-altering burn injuries while at work.
  • $39.7 million for a man severely burned during a dust fire and explosion at a Texas plywood plant.
  • $30 million for victims of the Geismar, LA plant explosion.

Wrongful Deaths Caused by Port Arthur Industrial Accidents

When industrial accidents prove fatal, surviving family members may be able to take legal action. Families who lose parents, spouses, and children can work with Arnold & Itkin to get answers and seek accountability. As Port Arthur industrial death attorneys, we have seen the most atrocious cases of safety violations or instances where companies put their profits above all else. Our law firm exposes these practices and helps our clients file wrongful death suits to hold at-fault companies accountable while seeking compensation for their losses, suffering, and future stability.

Port Arthur Plant Explosion Attorneys

Powerful Legal Representation in Plant Injury & Wrongful Death Cases

Plant explosions are some of the most catastrophic accidents to occur in modern times. When a plant explodes, the results are deadly—and fast. Workers suffer unimaginable injuries. Homes are destroyed. Lives are lost. 

And, more often than not, these accidents are entirely preventable.

When our Port Arthur plant accident lawyers take on these cases, we are often shocked to find out how often the companies knew about the problem that caused the explosion. In many cases, the company knew something was an issue and ignored it. They cut corners on maintenance and failed to upgrade equipment—they prioritized their profits over the safety and lives of the men and women who work for them. Then, when the explosions occur, those same companies fail to step up and protect their workers. They deny any responsibility, shift blame, and refuse to help the injured and grieving with the recovery process. We have seen this situation repeatedly, and we refuse to stand by and let it happen. Our law firm knows that few companies will voluntarily step forward and do the right things for families whose lives have been ripped apart by the company's negligence, so we don’t ask. We force them to.

Plants & Refineries in the Port Arthur, TX Area

  • Port Arthur Refinery (Total)
  • Port Arthur Refinery (Motiva Enterprises)
  • Port Arthur Refinery (Valero)

Common Plant Explosion Questions

What should I do if I’m injured in a Port Arthur plant explosion?

If you experienced any injury at a plant or refinery, your priority should be your health. Get medical care as soon as possible. Tell your doctor how your injuries occurred and seek medical attention even if you feel you are not seriously injured. After you’ve received medical attention, it’s time to take the next two crucial steps:

  • Inform your employer. If you’re covered by workers’ compensation, you must inform your employer of any work injury. Waiting too long to report your injury may jeopardize your rights.
  • Talk to an attorney. No matter the circumstances surrounding your injuries—whether you’re covered by workers’ compensation, whether you were working or were a bystander, or whether you think you’re partially to blame—a seasoned attorney can protect your rights and help you start putting the pieces of your life back in place. 

What risks do Port Arthur plant & refinery workers face?

If you work at a plant, you know the risks you face. You’re working around heavy equipment, machines, hazardous materials, and flammable substances. You rely on your co-workers and employer to take proper measures to ensure your safety and the safety of everyone on-site. Your risk of injury increases immeasurably when your employer cuts corners to try to boost profits, fails to maintain or replace aging equipment, or uses faulty machinery. Our law firm is here to identify and expose negligence that leads to Port Arthur plant explosions. We’re committed to helping victims see justice served.

How can an attorney help after a plant explosion?

If you were injured in a plant explosion, your employer, their insurance company, and their representatives may approach you. You may be asked to sign a statement about the accident. You may be offered a settlement to cover your medical bills. You may be asked to see a particular doctor for your treatment. Your first instinct may be to trust your employer, but you need to realize that they might not be looking out for your interests. They may be more concerned about their own. An attorney can advise you on these issues and fight in your corner to protect your health and well-being. 

Port Arthur Maritime Lawyers

Standing Up for Injured Offshore Workers. No Matter What.

While offshore work is inherently dangerous, the hazards associated with maritime work are known. Employers have a responsibility—both legally and morally—to prevent accidents from happening. This means implementing the proper safety standards, never pushing crews too far, and always maintaining vessels and equipment.

When employers fail to protect their workers at sea, our Port Arthur maritime lawyers are here to hold them accountable. When the crew of the Deepwater Horizon needed help, we stood up to some of the most powerful offshore companies to ensure they got it. When families were grieving after their loved ones were killed on the El Faro, we refused to let the company escape accountability. Now, we’re ready to show you how we can help you fight for the future you deserve.

How Port Arthur Maritime Lawyers Support Injured Workers & Their Families

Port Arthur maritime lawyers advocate for offshore workers and their families, particularly after serious injuries or fatalities. They help clients secure essential financial compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wages, pain, suffering, and, in tragic cases, funeral costs. These attorneys play a crucial role during some of the most difficult times in their clients' lives. Choosing a maritime lawyer with deep knowledge of maritime law is crucial due to its unique and complex nature, rooted in decades—and sometimes centuries—of legal precedent. At Arnold & Itkin, our team brings extensive maritime case experience and a proven track record. Our Port Arthur maritime law firm is recognized for delivering the results that offshore workers and their families need to face formidable challenges.

Port Arthur Jones Act Lawyers

Protecting Maritime Workers Under the Jones Act

A century after its passage, the Jones Act, also known as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, continues to be one of the most critical laws for offshore workers. The Jones Act holds negligent employers accountable, helps workers recover from accidents, and prevents future accidents. At Arnold & Itkin, we’re proud to be a Port Arthur Jones Act law firm known for helping offshore workers get the compensation they need to move forward after an accident.

Common Jones Act Questions

Who is covered by the Jones Act?

The Jones Act covers any worker who contributes to the function or mission of an American vessel in navigable waters. To be considered a Jones Act seaman, workers must spend at least 1/3 of their time on the vessel and contributing to its mission. This may include captains, mates, engineers, deckhands, fishermen, sailors, or others who work on fishing vessels, barges, tugboats, dive boats, supply boats, cruise ships, crew boats, dredgers, pile drivers, and offshore oil platform service boats. The Jones Act also applies to jack-up oil rigs, semisubmersible rigs, drilling ships, and barges.

Is the Jones Act the same as workers’ compensation?

No. In the past, injured workers could receive compensation for their wages, boarding, and the cost of medical care until they reached maximum recovery. This is traditionally known as maintenance and cure. However, maintenance and cure failed to compensate for the complete scope of a worker’s injuries. That’s where the Jones Act comes in. Using the Jones Act, a worker can seek compensation for the full extent of their losses as long as the negligence of another party caused their accident. In other words, it covers much more than a portion of a person’s wages and medical care. Under the Jones Act, a worker can secure compensation for things such as medical debt, lost wages, and more.

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The Port Arthur personal injury attorneys at Arnold & Itkin understand how devastating an accident can be. We know the pain that follows physical and emotional trauma. We also understand that financial instability from medical bills can make this pain worse. When negligence causes personal injury, we have repeatedly helped individuals reclaim their losses and rebuild their lives.  If you work with a Port Arthur personal injury attorney at our firm while you focus on recovering, Arnold & Itkin will gather a team of experts to learn what caused the accident. No matter what, our firm will be prepared to get the best possible results. Our clients don’t pay a thing through it all—only if we win.

Learn your legal and financial options in a free consultation! Our Port Arthur injury attorneys want to hear your story and help you make the next step in your recovery.

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