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Plant explosions are some of the most catastrophic accidents to occur in modern times. When a plant explodes, the results are deadly—and fast. Workers suffer unimaginable injuries. Homes are destroyed. Lives are lost. And, more often than not, these accidents are completely preventable.

When our Port Arthur plant and refinery accident lawyers take on these cases, we are often shocked to find how often the companies knew about the problem that ultimately caused the explosion. In many cases, the company knew something was an issue and simply ignored it. They cut corners on maintenance and failed to upgrade equipment—they prioritized their profits over the safety and lives of the men and women who work for them every single day. Then, when the explosions do occur, some companies fail to step up and protect their workers.

They deny any responsibility, shift blame, and refuse to help the injured and the grieving with the recovery process. It’s a situation we have seen time and time again—and one we refuse to stand by and let happen. Our law firm knows that few, if any, companies are going to voluntarily step forward and do the right things for families whose lives have been ripped apart by the company's negligence, so we don’t ask. We force them to.

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Plant Explosions Law Firm

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2019 Port Neches Plant & Refinery Explosion

On Wednesday, November 27th, three people were injured in a massive explosion that took place at the TPC Group plant in Port Neches, Texas. One of the workers suffered serious burn injuries and had to be transported by helicopter to a Houston hospital. Another worker suffered a broken arm, and the third fractured their leg. The explosion was so extensive that it affected the community, including homes, schools, and businesses. Nearby residents were asked to evacuate by authorities and find shelter. Many residents stated that the explosion was so extensive that it blew out their windows and doors.

The explosion caused a massive fire, burning a chemical called butadiene. This is colorless gas that’s considered a health hazard, according to the US National Library of Medicine. Butadiene is used to make rubber, neoprene, and tires, and when it enters the environment, it becomes highly volatile. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality conducted handheld air monitoring to determine if the explosion has affected the air quality. The cause of this plant and refinery explosion is still under investigation.

Billions of Dollars Won for Clients, Including Plant, Refinery & Factory Workers

Our track record is full of stories of our firm holding large companies responsible. Such as when we represented a man who suffered serious burn in a refinery fire. Initially, his employers refused to pay for his compensation. Refused to help him during the long, trying recovery process. We took on the case though and tenaciously fought for the outcome that he deserved. In the end, we settled the case before trial for $97 million.

Other Examples of Our Firm’s Victories in Industrial Accident Cases

  • $117 million recovered for a group of clients who were seriously injured in a plant explosion.
  • $87 million won for a young refinery worker who suffered from life-altering burn injuries while at work.
  • $39.7 million won for a man severely burned during a dust fire and explosion at a Texas plywood plant.
  • $30 million won for victims of the Geismar, LA plant explosion (two verdicts of $15.4 and $18.5 million.)

Arnold & Itkin in the News

Testimonials from Injured Industrial Workers We’ve Helped

Over the years, our Port Arthur plant and refinery explosion lawyers have helped our clients win billions. Money that has gone toward helping our clients pay for the medical bills they were now saddled with, helped cover the income they were no longer earning, and went toward paying for the everyday costs of living. We are proud to have helped these people work their way toward a brighter future—where they can take care of their loved ones. A future where they can just focus on what’s truly important: healing.

Listen to our clients as they explain their own stories below to learn more about how we can help.

“Definitely go with Arnold & Itkin because they do what they say they are going to do. They don’t give you the run around. You're looking for a firm that’s going to have your back and willing to go to trial and stick up for you. Go with Arnold & Itkin if you want results. They take their job seriously.”  
- Kevin Hillard

“I needed to talk, express my feelings about what I was really going through. I could always get in contact with them. This whole process, it was rough, it was hard, but Arnold & Itkin made it easy with communication, understanding, and trust. I got my life back.”  
- Johnny Mouton

Types of Plant & Refinery Accident Cases Our Port Arthur Firm Handles

Our Port Arthur plant injury attorneys have been there to help clients facing accidents of all kinds. We have worked with hundreds of clients who were dealing with the aftermath of explosions at chemical plants, oil refineries, factories, and more. Similarly, we have helped clients dealing with recovery from burn injuries, broken bones, the loss of senses such as hearing and eyesight, and other life-altering injuries.

Our law firm can assist with plant injury cases involving:

We’ve also been there to support clients going through the mourning process after losing a loved one to wrongful death. Regardless of whether you suffered in a work accident or are dealing with the death of a family member, our Port Arthur law firm is here to help you.

Plants & Refineries in the Port Arthur, TX Area

  • Port Arthur Refinery (Total), Port Arthur
  • Port Arthur Refinery (Motiva Enterprises), Port Arthur
  • Port Arthur Refinery (Valero), Port Arthur

Get Started with a Free Review of Your Port Arthur Plant Accident Case

Following a catastrophic accident, it can be difficult to know where to turn. You may not know where to get answers or even what your first step should be. If you or your family have found yourself in this situation, it’s important to know you’re not alone. Our Port Arthur plant accident law firm has helped hundreds going through circumstances such as yours, and we are here to guide you through it—from the beginning until the end. Should you work with us, we will stop at nothing to get you the answers that you deserve. We will fight to uncover what happened and determine who is responsible. We will work tirelessly to uncover evidence and build our case to ensure that the proper parties are held liable. We will do everything that we can so that you and your family can focus on what's truly important at a time like this: recovering and moving forward.

If you would like to take the first step, all you need to do is call (888) 493-1629 or fill out our online form. We offer completely free case evaluations, and you pay nothing unless we win.

Common Questions

  • What Should I Do If I’m Injured in a Port Arthur Plant Explosion?

    If you experienced any type of injury at a plant or refinery in the Port Arthur area, your first priority should be your health. Get medical care as soon as possible. Tell your doctor how your injuries occurred, and seek medical attention even if you feel you are not seriously injured. Some trauma, like head injuries or neck injuries, may not be readily apparent. After you’ve received medical attention, it’s time to take the next two crucial steps.

    Inform your employer. If you’re covered by workers’ compensation, you’re required to inform your employer of any work-related injury. Waiting too long to report your injury may jeopardize your rights. Talk to an attorney. No matter the circumstances surrounding your Port Arthur plant explosion injuries—whether you’re covered by workers’ compensation, whether you were working or were a bystander, or whether you think you’re partially to blame—a seasoned attorney can protect your rights and help you start putting the pieces of your life back in place. That’s what we do at Arnold & Itkin.

  • What Risks Do Port Arthur Plant & Refinery Workers Face?

    If you work at a plant or refinery, you’re already aware of the risks you face every single day. You’re working around heavy equipment and machines, hazardous materials, and flammable substances. You rely on your co-workers and your employer to take proper measures to ensure your safety and the safety of everyone on-site. Your risk of injury increases immeasurably when your employer cuts corners to try to boost profits, fails to maintain or replace aging equipment, or uses faulty machinery. Our law firm is here to identify and expose negligence that leads to Port Arthur plant explosions. We’re committed to helping victims and their families see justice served.
  • How Can an Attorney Help After a Plant Explosion?

    If you were injured in a plant explosion, you may be approached by your employer, their insurance company, and their representatives. You may be asked to sign a statement about the accident and your injuries. You may be offered a settlement to cover your medical bills. You may be asked to see a certain doctor for your treatment.

    Your first instinct may be to trust your employer, for whom you’ve worked so hard, but you need to realize that they might not be looking out for your interests. They may be more concerned about their own. An attorney can advise you on all of these issues and can fight in your corner to protect your health and well-being. For example, did you know you have the right to choose your own doctor? Did you know you could be entitled to more than just medical care and lost earnings? An attorney can maximize your recovery to help you heal and get on with your life.

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