Common Causes Why Oil Rig Explosions Occur

Common Causes of Explosions

Houston Oil Rig Accident Attorneys Defend Workers' Rights

In an industry that is responsible for many disastrous accidents, maritime and offshore workers are subjected to the hazardous conditions that come from working on coastal oil rig platforms and drilling projects. Seen as a way of life, many crewmen don't think twice about the dangers of their work, or how it could be avoided. At Arnold & Itkin, however, our Houston injury lawyers frequently encounter the realities of such dangers.

As maritime injury attorneys who played an integral role in the legal representation for many of the victims involved in 2010's Deepwater Horizon incident, we know how to aggressively tackle the defenses that are built by the attorneys who are employed to represent the drilling company. When oil rig tragedies such as the Black Elk Energy explosion strike, the company that is associated with the accident wastes no time seeking legal representation to protect their commodities in the aftermath. We suggest that you do the same.

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What Caused Your Oil Rig Explosion?

The inherent dangers associated with maritime and offshore work such as drilling and oil rig projects can often be avoided. In many cases, the explosion that left you injured or your family member deceased could have been the result of something entirely avoidable. For example, many of these accidents result from defective equipment, unsafe drilling procedures, and non-standardized industry practices.

Common among the causes of oil rig explosions are as follows:

All of the above mentioned causes are instances that could have been avoided if the proper maintenance and drilling procedures were conducted. When employers neglect to keep their employees in safe working conditions or fail to update the equipment being used by their seamen, it can lead to disastrous results. Oil rig explosions such as the Black Elk Energy explosion and the Deepwater Horizon spill require thorough investigation to discover their causes.

It is imperative to the wellbeing of crewmen working on offshore sites that their employers take every precaution to protect their safety. Unfortunately, this is not always the priority of the executives who run these drilling operations. Instead, they often focus on cheap methods of labor, quick ways to extract a product, and other means of earning more money, more quickly. As a consequence, fires, explosions, and accidents can result.

Investigating the Cause of an Oil Rig Explosion

After an oil rig explosion, all hands will be on deck to uncover the nature of the explosion; in essence, every action will be taken to determine what caused the disaster. Drilling executives, Coast Guard officials, and a slew of other industry professionals will immediately begin investigating the matter. At this time, victims of the explosion need to make sure that they have a legal representative doing the same for them. Only when a strong case is built on their behalf do victims stand a chance of being compensated for the degree of their injuries.

More invested in their profits, drilling companies will spend large sums of money on the attorneys that have been chosen to represent them in the aftermath of an accident. Any amount of money paid for legal representation will pale in comparison to the amount that could be owed to the victims and their families. As such, these companies are willing to go to great lengths to avoid paying out the sums that could come from a personal injury lawsuit.

Our Lawyers Have Recovered Millions for Maritime Workers

When it comes to facing negligent oil companies, our Houston maritime injury attorneys are equipped with uniquely powerful experience. As advocates for the victims of accidents such as the infamous BP spill, we have personally seen how difficult it can be to take down a negligent company in court, even when the evidence is stacked against them.

Fortunately, we have also seen how to challenge legal professionals on the other side, and we have developed courtroom tactics that have proven to be effective on a number of occasions. Arnold & Itkin has secured billions of dollarsin compensation for our clients, many of whom were victims of maritime accidents such as an oil rig explosion.

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