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While some burns are an inconvenience, others have the potential to change the rest of a person’s life. They're painful, can require extensive treatment, and, when they’re severe enough, burn injuries often have severe financial repercussions for those they harm. Frustratingly, burns are often preventable. Whether they’re caused during a refinery accident or after a car accident, our San Antonio burn injury lawyers have what it takes to help clients recover financially. We've earned a reputation for never backing down from a fight and refusing to let clients be mistreated. The result? $20 billion won.

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How Burn Injuries Happen

Burn injuries can happen for multiple reasons and present in varying degrees of severity.

Generally, burns happen in three different ways:

  • Thermal burns occur from contact with flames, steam, hot liquids or metals, and other hot substances.
  • Chemical burns occur when a person is exposed to a harmful substance such as acid.
  • Flash burns occur when a person is close to an explosion or other source of extreme, sudden heat.

A person’s skin isn’t the only thing harmed by extreme heat; lungs are also at risk of injury. Inhalation injuries frequently accompany burns as people who suffer from them inhale super-heated air, chemicals, and other harmful substances. Inhalation injuries can cause lasting damage to a person’s respiratory system and can also worsen preexisting conditions.

Signs of inhalation injuries include:

  • Coughing up phlegm
  • Irritated sinuses
  • Pain or tightness in the chest
  • Running nose
  • Scratchy, irritated throat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Headaches
  • Stinging eyes

As dangerous substances burn during a fire, a person can sustain inhalation injuries from toxins. Smoke inhalation causes serious injuries and causes about 60 to 80% of fatalities for burn victims.

Types of Burn Injuries

Medical professionals classify burns by degrees to communicate the extent of injury a person with them is experiencing. Distinguishing what type of burn a person has is important as doing so determines how much medical treatment a person needs. It also provides a basic idea for how much a person’s injuries might impact the rest of their life.

  • First-degree burn injuries are more common and less serious than other types of burn injuries. While they can be painful, first-degree burns only require minor treatment and bandaging.
  • Second-degree burns occur when an injury extends beyond the first layer of skin. They might require a medical assessment to decide if they require more care than a bandage. Importantly, those with second-degree burns should avoid using topical treatments until consulting with a doctor.
  • Third-degree and fourth-degree burns are always serious injuries and require urgent medical care. These burns go through multiple layers of skin and can even damage a person’s muscles and bones. 

How Burn Injuries Are Treated

Those with burns need to get medical attention as soon as possible. Cooling a burn with water is only a temporary solution. Burn injuries require extensive medical care and can be excruciating for those suffering from them. Despite this, advances in medical technology mean that burn survivors have a better chance than ever for recovery. For example, skin grafting helps burned skin heal by taking tissue from an unaffected portion of a person’s body and applying it to an area that needs to heal. With skin grafting, skin that would’ve never healed on its own can have a chance at recovery.

Types of skin grafts include:

  • Split-thickness grafts 
  • Full-thickness grafts 
  • Pinch grafts 
  • Pedicle grafts

Our San Antonio Burn Injury Lawyers Fight for Results. No Matter What.

Our San Antonio burn injury lawyers know that while we can’t change what happened to you or your loved one, we can fight for the compensation needed to get the care you deserve and the chance to rebuild your life.

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