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Record-Setting Results Won by Injury Lawyers in East Texas

Founded in 2004 by Kurt Arnold and Jason Itkin, Arnold & Itkin has won billions in the last few years alone. Since our founding, we’ve been committed to ensuring that injured people and their families can recover what they need while holding the people at fault responsible. We’ve helped clients nationwide repay their hospitalization costs, afford long-term care, recoup lost wages, and rebuild their financial stability. Our Tyler personal injury lawyers have won some of the last decade's most consequential cases. In 2010, our firm represented over a third of the Deepwater Horizon crew after the historic oil rig explosion. In 2013, we fought for nearly a dozen survivors of the fatal Williams Olefin explosion in Geismar

Our record-setting verdicts and settlements include:

  • $8 billion verdict, the third largest in national history
  • $205 million settlement for a group of clients
  • $171 million settlement for a group of clients stuck in tough litigation
  • $117 million verdict, the largest single-event injury verdict in Louisiana
  • $116 million settlement after years of hard-fought litigation

And between those cases, we won hundreds of individual results worth more than $1 million and dozens of individual results worth more than $10 million throughout the decade.

Our firm helps clients throughout East Texas, including New Ulm, Garwood, Fulshear, Richmond, Oakwood, Bon Wier, Shelbyville, Tyler, Lufkin, Marshall, Nacogdoches, Athens, and more.

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The Very Best Personal Injury Lawyers

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The Skill & Experience to Get Results, No Matter What

What makes our firm so effective is our persistence, which is only possible because of our resources. Some of our most significant results came from years of patient fighting. These companies think they can wait until you give up on your case or run out of money. Arnold & Itkin is one of the few personal injury firms in East Texas with the money and the skill to play that game, too—and win. While our clients wait for their cases to resolve, we make sure they get everything they need to heal. We answer their questions and address their fears so they can focus 100% on getting better.

Tyler Catastrophic Injury Attorneys

Catastrophic accidents cause life-changing injuries. Legally and medically, catastrophic injuries are injuries that affect a personlong-term; these require extensive treatment and costly therapy while rendering survivors unable to earn a living. As a result, survivors often go deep into debt, making them even more vulnerable to health-related setbacks in the future.

Our East Texas injury law firm has represented clients with catastrophic injuries like:

  • Brain damage
  • Amputated limbs
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Severe burn injuries
  • Post-traumatic stress
  • Spinal cord injury

Helping People Recover from Life-Altering Injuries

Arnold & Itkin handles “catastrophic accident cases,” or cases where someone’s injuries have left them permanently altered. These can happen anywhere to anyone, but they’re particularly common in specific contexts or workplaces.

Our firm has represented survivors of catastrophic accidents involving:

  • 18-wheeler accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Crane accidents
  • Plant explosions
  • Oilfield accidents
  • Swimming pool accidents

Tyler Plant & Refinery Accident Lawyers

Industrial injuries are a primary focus of our firm. We help workers at plants, refineries, factories, and warehouses get the support they need after accidents like fires, explosions, and more. Our city is home to the Tyler Refinery, owned and operated by Delek Refining, Ltd. This is just one industrial worksite in the Tyler area that could present hazards to employees and contractors if safety protocols are not followed. We hold negligent manufacturers, oil and gas companies, insurance providers, and other corporations accountable for harming or mistreating plant and refinery workers.

Tyler Truck Accident Attorneys

Per U.S. DOT data, more than 4,000 people died in large truck crashes nationwide in 2018—the most large truck fatalities in over a decade. More than 80% of those deaths were the occupants of passenger vehicles, motorcyclists, cyclists, and pedestrians. In fatal 2-vehicle crashes between a large truck and a passenger vehicle, passenger vehicle occupants accounted for 96% of the fatalities. The sheer size of an 18-wheeler means it takes longer to stop and inflicts incredible force on other vehicles in a crash. At Arnold & Itkin, trucking accident cases are essential to our practice. We know how disastrous these collisions can be, and we believe in helping those who have been injured or who have lost loved ones hold at-fault parties accountable. We are known nationwide for our results in all truck accident cases.

Arnold & Itkin can handle cases involving:

  • Tanker truck accidents
  • Construction vehicle accidents
  • Delivery truck accidents
  • Underride collisions
  • Truck rollover accidents
  • Jackknife accidents
  • Rear-end truck accidents
  • Runaway trailer accidents
  • Tire blowout crashes
  • Accidents caused by falling cargo

Leading Causes of Truck Accidents in Tyler, TX

What are some of the factors that contribute to trucking accidents? Considering some of the potential causes of truck accidents can shed light on who can be held responsible and what can be done to avoid them. As Tyler truck accident lawyers, we are committed to providing helpful insight regarding these crashes and the circumstances that allow them.

Truck accidents are often caused by factors such as the following:

  • Distracted driving
  • Fatigued truck drivers
  • Unsafe lane changes
  • Unsafe merges
  • Speeding
  • Poorly maintained trucks
  • Overloaded trucks
  • Improperly secured cargo
  • Defective truck parts
  • Dangerous roadways
  • Heavy weather
  • Inexperienced operators

Can Trucking Companies Be Liable for Unsafe Drivers?

Absolutely. Trucking companies are legally and ethically bound to the behavior and conduct of their drivers. When a driver is overworked, poorly trained, poorly equipped, or reckless, the responsibility also falls on the trucking company. Holding employers accountable for their truck drivers is critical to ensuring that only good drivers get hired in the future.

Trucking companies have been held accountable for accidents caused by drivers with:

  • Bad driving records
  • Serious health issues
  • Inadequate training
  • Lack of compliance with the law

How Trucking Companies Contribute to Trucking Accidents

According to federal data, roughly 14% of truck accidents are caused by fatigue. The actual numbers may be even higher—as many as 25% of 18-wheeler crashes happened when a driver was behind the wheel for 17 hours or longer, far above the federal hours of service maximum. Sleep experts have shown that being moderately tired can impair driving like drinking does. Unfortunately, industry practices and trucking company policies seem almost designed to incentivize breaking the rules. Trucking companies pay most drivers by the mile, which means drivers are unpaid for anything else. 

Drivers can end up working a 12-hour day and lose money.  
That’s why many drivers resort to driving longer than the federally mandated maximum, ultimately leaving them tired and unable to drive.

Tyler, TX Maritime Law Lawyers

Those who earn their wages offshore experience dangerous conditions that laws were made to address hundreds of years ago. These laws are some of the nation’s earliest forms of employee protection. At Arnold & Itkin, our Tyler maritime lawyers are focused on helping workers after they’ve been injured during preventable accidents. Whether you’re a seaman needing help with the Jones Act or are a harbor worker with an LHWCA claim to file, we’re ready to help. 

Our East Texas maritime lawyers help those who experience accidents and injuries like:

Companies that operate offshore are familiar with the dangerous conditions experienced by their workers. Unfortunately, these companies often neglect to invest in new equipment and ignore regulations to save money. 

Our maritime lawyers make employers realize that if they cut corners, they’ll have to pay.

Relevant Maritime Laws for Workers & Their Families

Important United States maritime laws include the following:

While these laws are for different situations, they all mean one thing: employers must ensure their workers are safe. 

Tyler Jones Act Lawyers

The Jones Act, formerly known as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, is a federal statute enacted to develop and protect American sea trade. It governs maritime commerce transported between U.S. ports and regulates employer practices, specifically regarding providing crew members with a reasonably safe, well-maintained vessel to work and sleep on.

Your rights as a seaman under the Jones Act include:

  • The right to a reasonably safe working environment.
  • The right to make a legal claim if injured due to negligence.
  • The right to maintenance and cure compensation related to the injury or illness.
  • The right to additional compensation if the vessel or crew is deemed unseaworthy.
  • The right to punitive damages if an employer wrongfully refused to pay maintenance and cure.
  • The right to file a wrongful death claim under the Jones Act if a loved one dies at sea.

The Jones Act protects U.S. seamen and ensures injured offshore workers can fully recover from their losses. Each claim generally provides higher amounts than workers’ compensation claims, which usually only cover basic medical care. However, a Jones Act claim requires proof of negligence on the part of the employer, an employee, or the vessel owners.

Under the law, Jones Act claimants can claim:

  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Pain, suffering, and disfigurement
  • Medical care
  • Mental anguish
  • Cost of living during recovery

Claims of Unseaworthiness

Under the Jones Act, the ship owner is required to keep the vessel seaworthy. A vessel owner is not allowed to shift this obligation to anyone else. The factors below may help support your claim of unseaworthiness against a vessel owner. 

An offshore vessel can be considered unseaworthy due to the following:

  • An inadequate number of crew members or workers
  • Lack of fire extinguishers and mandatory fire suppression equipment
  • Untrained crew or captain
  • Lack of appropriate safety guards or rails
  • Lack of sufficient food or unsafe living conditions
  • Improperly stowed cargo
  • Lack of proper elevators or hoists

Tyler LHWCA Attorneys

Understanding the Longshoremen & Harbor Workers' Compensation Act

The Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA) is a federal law that grants workers’ compensation benefits to wounded maritime employees who work in areas that involve loading, crafting, and repairing sea vessels. The LHWCA also covers workers who work on navigable waters within the U.S. The act ensures that specific maritime workers are adequately compensated when they suffer work-related injuries.

The LHWCA covers specific offshore and maritime occupations, including:

  • Harbor construction workers
  • Longshore workers and operators
  • Shipbreakers and shipbuilders
  • Ship repairmen

Entitlements Under LHWCA

Injured workers are entitled to benefits under the LHWCA if the accident occurred where they work, which can include shipyard accidents but also extends to building and repairing areas. 

Below are employee benefits under the LHWCA:

  • Medical expenses
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Treatment for diseases caused by their work, incl. exposure to harmful chemicals
  • Compensation for rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Benefits distributed to the families of workers who suffered wrongful death
  • 2/3 of normal weekly pay for the duration of recovery

Who Is Covered Under LHWCA Extensions?

The Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act has specific extensions that allow its benefits to cover additional workers. Employees covered by these extensions are entitled to the same benefits.

Here is a list of LHWCA extensions and their outlined beneficiaries:

  • Defense Base Act (DBA):  
    Covers private workers employed on military bases. These workers may include private employees working on U.S. military bases or any lands outside America where the U.S. military resides. This can include contractor employees executing a public contract with an American agency or selling military goods or services to U.S. allies. 
  • Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (OCSLA):  
    Covers employees who examine and advance natural resources on the United States Outer Continental Shelf.
  • Non-Appropriated Fund Instrumentalities Act (NAFIA):  
    Covers employees who work as non-appropriated fund instrumentalities of the Armed Forces.

Tyler Cruise Ship Accident Lawyers

Sometimes, offshore injuries occur on vessels meant for relaxation. When operators fail to ensure cruise ships are safe for passengers, preventable accidents unfairly change lives. Cruise ship accidents occur when crews aren't adequately trained, operators sail ships into unsafe waters, or ships are poorly maintained. In some instances, gangway and boarding accidents can injure passengers and crew before a voyage begins. Operators must ensure passengers and employees are safe during every step of the voyage. If you've been in a cruise ship accident, Arnold & Itkin is ready to help. 

Tyler Boat Accident Attorneys

Texas boasts the largest expanse of inland water bodies in the nation, making boating a popular activity along the Gulf Coast and throughout East Texas. However, this popularity comes with risks; Texas ranks fourth in the country for boating accidents and has the second-highest boating-related fatalities. In 2016 alone, 53 people died in 176 boating accidents, reflecting a concerning fatality rate of 30%. The vast landscape that provides recreation for many can quickly become the scene of a tragic incident. Boating accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries or even wrongful death. If you or a loved one have been involved in a boating accident, our Tyler boat accident attorneys are here to help however you need.

About Tyler, TX

Tyler, the "Rose Capital of America," leads the global market in rose bush production. It is highlighted by the sprawling Tyler Municipal Rose Garden and the esteemed Texas Rose Festival, a perennial attraction drawing over 100,000 visitors annually. With a population exceeding 105,859 as of 2020, Tyler is the largest city in Smith County.

Established in 1847, Tyler's economic trajectory has transformed into a diverse manufacturing landscape. Tyler Pipe produces pipe products, Trane Technologies manufactures heat pumps and air conditioners, Delek Refining is an oil refinery in the city, and PCSFerguson manufactures equipment for the natural gas industry. The top employers in Tyler are Trinity Mother Frances Health System, UT Health-Tyler, Brookshire Grocery Company, and Trane Technologies.

Beyond its economic significance, Tyler offers an array of recreational pursuits, epitomized by Tyler State Park. The city's cultural fabric is enriched by attractions like Caldwell Zoo, golf courses, and museums. Moreover, the Azalea and Spring Flower Trail, adorned with vibrant azalea shrubs, invites visitors to immerse themselves in the city's botanical beauty. 

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Our Tyler personal injury attorneys investigate catastrophic accidents to discover any negligence that at-fault parties might be hiding. Then we hold them financially responsible for the harm they caused. If you want to learn if you have a case, our firm is available at all hours to hear your story. Call (888) 493-1629 or send us a short online message!

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Common Questions

  • What Types of Compensation Can I Recover?

    You may be entitled to economic and non-economic damages in a personal injury lawsuit. Economic damages may cover financial losses related to medical bills, ongoing treatment, lost earnings, and loss of future wages. Non-economic damages may include pain and suffering, emotional trauma, loss of enjoyment of life, and similar injuries. Recovering a fair settlement or award can help you begin to rebuild and move on with your life.
  • How Can a Tyler Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me?

    An attorney can help by handling every part of your case so you don't have to. That includes talking to the insurance company and other important parties, investigating to find what caused your accident, filing a case on your behalf, determining the fair value of your claim, negotiating with the at-fault parties to seek a fair settlement, and even taking your case to court if needed to seek a favorable result. While you focus on healing and spending time with loved ones, your Tyler personal injury lawyer can take care of everything else.
  • The Insurance Company Offered a Settlement. Should I Take It?

    It's important not to sign a statement or accept a settlement until you've had your attorney look it over. Insurance companies are notorious for offering low settlements that do not cover the full extent of a person's losses and expenses. It's also far too easy to sign paperwork that limits your ability to recover compensation or that even places part or all of the blame for the accident on your shoulders. Work closely with your lawyer to make sure you are not taken advantage of or tricked in any way.
  • Do I Have to Go to the Company Doctor After a Work Injury?

    If you were injured at work, your employer may want you to see a certain doctor. If you see that doctor and are not satisfied with the care you received, however, you have the right to request to see a different medical professional. Because every case is different, we recommend that you talk to your attorney about your rights and options.
  • What Will It Cost to Hire a Tyler Injury Attorney at Your Firm?

    Our Tyler, TX personal injury firm handles cases on contingency. We do not charge upfront costs and will not get paid for any of our legal services unless we win the case. Only when we've recovered a settlement or award on a client's behalf do we recover our fees. There's no risk to our clients.
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