Do I Need to Hire a Local Lawyer?

At Arnold & Itkin, we get just as many (if not more) calls from people out of state than we do in state. It is important to realize that you should not feel limited to hiring an attorney near you. Learn why.

Choosing the Best Lawyer for Your Case

Jason Itkin

We get a lot of phone calls about people saying, "You're based in Houston, but, you know, my accident happened in the Louisiana or New Mexico or California or Pennsylvania. We'd love to hire you, but you're not local. Do I need a local lawyer?" And the answer is in today's day and age, you don't. Twenty or thirty years ago, you might've needed a local lawyer because we didn't have all the technology that we have today.

Our firm's based in Houston but we practice literally nationwide. We've represented clients in all 50 states. We've won cases in all 50 states. We've tried cases everywhere—from Pennsylvania to Hawaii, California, Louisiana, Virginia. You name it, we've been there and won cases there.

Kurt Arnold

You have the power to choose the best lawyer in the country to represent you. You don't have to choose somebody locally. You don't have to choose somebody that your friend recommends.

Jason Itkin

What you really need when you're looking for a lawyer is the best lawyer. You want the lawyer who's got the track record of winning—who knows how to put together a winning case for you.

Kurt Arnold

Our results are more than $20 billion on behalf of our clients in the last 10 years and no one, no one in the country can say that.

Jason Itkin

No matter where you live, we can help you. We will give you the best chance, the best future.

There's no other choice but Arnold & Itkin.

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