What Is My Case Worth?

Jason Itkin explains how a normal case can be valued. If you have any questions about the value of your case, call us today.

Determining the Value of Your Case

The question of what is my case worth is one of the hardest questions to answer. It's very individualized. There's a lot of information that someone needs to know to figure out “what's the value of a case?”

What we do at our firm is to figure out what someone's case is worth is, we do a few things.

First, we figure out what all the medical bills are going to be—and not just the medical bills from the initial stay in the hospital. What are their future medical bills going to be over time?

Another thing that we do is figure out what wage loss is, because if you're not able to return to work or you're not able to return to work in the same capacity that you were before, you may miss out on promotions or future work.

So, we figure that out to the penny to determine what your future wage loss may be. The other thing we have to figure out is the emotional losses—the pain, the suffering, the anguish. There has to be a value put on that, and that's hard. The reality is that a lot of it depends on who your lawyers are, because what companies do—especially insurance companies and large companies—is they look at who their lawyers are. They look at them and say, “Are these lawyers that will try lawsuits? Are these lawyers that demand the most for their clients?”

When people ask "what's my case worth?", we need to look at the facts of the case. What has the person been through? What's their family been through? But you also need to look at who their lawyer is.

Because if they have a mediocre lawyer or even a good lawyer, the value of their case will be less than if they have the best.

If they have Arnold & Itkin.

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